Who’s the best comedian of all time in your opinion?

Who’s the best comedian of all time in your opinion?

What do you think?

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  1. In terms of:

    – Being at the top of his game for a long period of time

    – Being perfect at timing and execution

    – Understanding comedy to a degree that other comedians notice and respect

    – Being clever and witty on the spot

    – Having memorable jokes and killer standup routines

    Norm MacDonald

  2. I hope 10 are OK.

    George Carlin and Lewis Black : baddest-ass social commentarians

    Steve Martin and Robin Williams : highest quality goofball comedy

    Richard Pryor and Eddie Murphy : illustrated truths others dared not

    Dave Chappelle and Chris Rock : untouchable as for clearest pinpoint insights

    John Cleese and Steven Wright : funniest guys hovering 200 IQ

  3. George Carlin smokes the rest by a hundred miles. He is the only one who does comedy from a revelatory place which totally his own. Bill Hicks had that potential but died too soon. Since I would put George Carlin on a tier of his own, the next tier would definitely include Louis Ck. I think he is the most talented comic alive today. After another slight drop would be Dave Chappell, Burr and Patrice

  4. Bill Cosby. Obviously not the best *person* of all time, but the best comedian. His comedy was eminently relatable and just plain funny. Culturally he helped bridge a divide by showing through comedy that the same family dynamics and frustrations were the same between both black and white families.

  5. Ricky Gervais.

    The guy was straight up paid to roast all those actors during the Golden Globes. He says what we’re all thinking and points out the obvious. Anyone that hates his humor can’t accept the reality that we are in.

  6. Robin Williams had absolutely INSANE stand up sets. Just absolutely manic. George Carlin was in the game a LOOONG time and was a master at reinventing himself to stay relevant. Mitch Hedberg was brilliant at taking you in one direction then doing a complete 180 at the punchline. But I gotta go with Steve Martin. His stand up was brilliant, completely self deprecating and totally bonkers. We’re lucky he’s still with us and putting out good content.

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