Who’s the “black sheep” in your family and what did they do to earn the title?

Who’s the “black sheep” in your family and what did they do to earn the title?

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  1. My older brother. He did a lot of drugs, constantly yelled at everyone in the house, stole money from all of us, stole my grandma’s pills, and trashed the house.

  2. Myself. Not only cause I’m an introvert. I’ve stood my ground in breaking the cycle of both my families. One side is extremely up tight and gets angry over everything, the other is the exact opposite. Where they don’t really seem to care about much.

  3. Hm. I guess it’s me. I’m bisexual, have mental health issues, and go to therapy. My family acknowledges none of that. But my younger cousin being gay has been accepted! Bisexuals are just “confused”. I’ve chosen to back away slowly and treat my friends as family.

  4. Me. My mom spent her last few years of life focusing all her time and attention trying to make me capable of taking care of myself with my autism and ADHD, and essentially my entire family resents me as having stolen their time with her.

  5. Went to college, moved more than 20 minutes from the home town, bought a condo versus doing home maintenance, go to jiffy lube versus changing my own oil. Stopping being a devout Xtian was the final straw.

  6. I am because I’m introverted in a family of extreme extroverts. I also challenge everyone and everything. I speak my mind whereas growing up my siblings would just obey.

  7. I was the black sheep and all I had to do was be born. My cousins didn’t want anything to do with a little tag-along, and then they forgot that we all grew up and started careers and families. Having never been welcome, I was not welcome, and always excluded.

    Now it’s finally coming around that those cousins are all sorts of fucked up, terrible people. We’re talking about mafiosos, white nationalist, white supremacists, republicans, and child abusers all of them. The rest of the family is putting up with less and less of their shit.

    Too bad, I’ve already adapted to live without the lot of them, so IGDAF.

  8. My younger brother, all because he *was caught* with weed during his senior year in high school back in ’09. Not by the police, just by a friend of his who got scared and told the marching band director. My straight-laced family had no idea how to talk to him, myself included, and it doesn’t help that my other brother (his twin) has a lot more in common with me than they do with each other.

    It turned into this whole stigma, for which I share part of the blame, and it’s totally unfair. He’s smart, thoughtful, and generous. He lives near my parents and visits them regularly, often to help with home maintenance. He’s the only one of the three of us who has owned a home, and the only one without any tattoos. He also rarely smokes any more, but my other brother and I do edibles (that our parents don’t know about or don’t acknowledge).

  9. Well I have this uncle that ghosted most everyone in his family for a few decades. No particular reason. He moved to another state. Suddenly, his wife died. Then he decided to revisit our state and see everyone again. Pretty mysterious.

  10. Half my side is Muslim and the other half is Christian. Half is really street and the other half is really prim and proper. I don’t fight, dropped out of college, and am very openly queer/alt (tattoos, piercings, cleavage for daaays, etc.)

    I’m the black sheep on both sides because I’m too much of one for the other and not traditional enough for either.

  11. it’s me, i’m hella stubborn and was a very outspoken kid/teenager, disagreed with my folks a lot. i think i’m less of an outsider now that i’m older and have mellowed out/found myself a bit, and also learned to give less of a shit about what other people say.

  12. My dad was in his family I guess, because he is not talking to em anymore, mostly cause they were assholes to my mom. Turned out to be like, 100x more successful than any of them, which is not so hard but still he did really good with his life by working his ass off

  13. My uncle he can’t keep a job and lives with my grandma with his 3 kids he refuses th help her at all he is abusive. now my grandma has to deal with him and taking care of his kids. I constantly worry about him doing something to them.

  14. I think it’s me.

    Survived abuse, cut offender out of my life.

    Married since early 80s.

    Been told I am “dramatic” because I won’t stand for abuse, neglect, gaslighting, lies, etc.

    Parents are passed; very very limited contact with siblings.

  15. In terms of my wider family? Probably my cousin. He’s very strange and he lives in a barn by himself in the middle of the countryside. He’s a bit scary.

  16. I’m the only male child in my family (3 sisters) and have blonde hair and blue eyes while everyone else has brown and hazel. I’m also the only one who has touched a video game besides Tetris and Dr Mario so I guess I’m the black sheep.

  17. Me. Family is very conservative and catholic. I’m in the satanic temple and I feel myself growing more and more Marxist with each new fresh crisis in the world.

  18. Me – I was about 4 it was Christmas Day and my grandma gave me a stuffed bear and some of those little candy sticks my brother ate my candy sticks and stole my stuffed bear so I took a hair brush and smacked around the head with it I don’t remember this but apparently he had cracked his head the power 4 yo me had was different

  19. Older sibling. Just an overall scummy person who likes to call other people toxic if they either call them out on their shit or don’t bend over backwards for them because “they have depression and are trying soooo hard”.

    Lived with my folks for over 5 years and refused to help them with money. If they were asked to chip in they’d bitch about it. There’s a long list of offenses they did to earn the title and I hope I never have to see them again

  20. me, but im not quite sure why because one of my sisters had her first kid at 13, another disowned us, the last might actually not be related to us, and my brother hates us all except for me

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