Why aliens don’t attack on other countries except America?

Why aliens don’t attack on other countries except America?

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  1. Because:

    1) Hollywood, and

    2) Aliens have to crack the toughest nut first if they are to exterminate us with relative ease.

    No. 2 is the same reason as to why H. G. Wells depicted them attacking Great Britain back in 1898.

  2. u/scomclub


    Because the government has the alien corpses from the Roswell crash, among others.

    The aliens just want those dead to rest in peace with dignity.

    Do you know the movie “Independence Day (ID4 (1996))” starring Will Smith, Bill Pullman, Jeff Goldblum?

    But the “official version” (movie) says otherwise.

    Thank you very much.

  3. Oh they do. In fact if you ever figure out definitely watch the chinese or india sci-fi action or horror movies. They are hellbent on making their militaries as god like on screen as they can.

    The best example being that the chinese military curbstomped godzilla.

  4. I mean, I’ve got my nose buried so far up the ass of this schizophrenic issue I can smell what the bastards had for lunch, and this is just untrue. Every nation on Earth has UFO sightings. The vast majority of them are bullshit but what’s interesting is every once in a while you get something genuinely bizarre and that is in no way limited to the US. It _is_ more prominent in technologically advanced nations, which could mean either the populace there just has enough cell phone access to capture them when they show up, or maybe these are military artifacts of some kind unique to a specific level of technological advancement.

    There’s more crazy than all the psychologists on Earth could possibly address in the UFO community, but it’s definitely spread out and fairly evenly from nation to nation.

  5. I wish I could find this one french comic. Basically its about an alien empire come to conquer the world, only to be greeted with thousands of nuclear war heads flying at them. They withdraw, thinking humanity is some sort of advanced race of being who have been spending thousands of years preparing for an alien invasion by amassing the one weapon that can be effective against invasion.

    What they don’t realize is that humanity died out in a nuclear war and what they are facing now is automated factories and defense systems defending against what they assume is soviet/american invasion. The comic was written in the 70’s.

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