why are you quiet?

why are you quiet?

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  1. I like to observe. I’ve also learned through experience that ppl either don’t care, don’t get it, or misunderstand what I’m saying so it’s easier to just not say anything

  2. On the outside, I’m quiet. I have headphones on. I’m listening to Jeff Healey playing While My Guitar Gently Weeps. I’m waving a cell phone in the darkness as I sway with the crowd… on the inside only though…lol

  3. when i say things i end up reanalysing it all over again and realizing i said something really cringey that haunts me the rest of the day so i just gave up and went with observation

  4. I never liked talking just to fill silence, and most people talk more than they should anyway, so if I’m in such a situation I try to compensate by saying nothing.

  5. I’m quiet when I’m new to a role and I need to observe my surroundings and new people so I can figure out how to respond. Once I’m more comfortable I never shut up!

  6. Sometimes I’m very loud, excitable and speak at 10000mph – but most of the time I’m very quiet. I could go for days without speaking to anyone out loud except to myself / my cats. I don’t believe everything has to be verbalised; a lot of social interactions are very draining, confusing or genuinely very boring, and I struggle to pretend to be interested – but I also know that in order to have friends and healthy relationships I have to put that aside sometimes. But honestly I treasure the opportunities where I don’t have to say anything at all, I can just observe and analyse and absorb and daydream.

  7. I don’t know how to talk or how to hold a conversation. If someone else isn’t inititaing a conversation with me, then there won’t be one. My mind goes blank every time I’m in a conversation with another person no matter who it is. I love to talk to and be around other people but I just can’t put my thoughts into words, if I have any. It’s very difficult. Sometimes I’ll say something and it’ll be super awkward and I just wish I never said anything at all which only makes things worse. I also tend to get anxious talking to certain people which makes developing relationships extremely difficult and it really gets to me sometimes. It often comes off pretty negatively in other people’s minds and makes it seem like I’m not interested or trying to put in effort, when in reality it’s the complete opposite. I just don’t know what to say or how to say it

  8. Because most of the time people talking about things I don’t care – such as sports (I rather do sports then watch them. Think watching them is bit waste of time), or tv shows (most I don’t find interesting. I just find characters in tv shows or films act dumb and unreasonable, then more shit happens because of them acting dumb in the first place, so I hardly watch tv shows. Much rather watch documentaries or YouTube vids about some kind of tutorials. Most people don’t do that so nothing to talk to them about).

    Also, most people don’t like intellectual conversation. Finding another person to talk to about that is hard. Most people (at least in the country I live in) just love to banter too much, talk about nothing just the sake of some cheap laughs. I find it boring and not at all simulating.

    So much rather not get involved in the conversation, or just out right not be there where possible. Not to mention far too often people got offended because apparently I talk “too intelligently” for them. So can’t be bothered with talking to them if I’m aware the likelihood they don’t feeing stupid.

    I’m happy being quiet anyway. Not a problem

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