why can’t pockets be acceptable within women’s fashion already?

why can’t pockets be acceptable within women’s fashion already?

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  1. Because that would make it harder to sell purse. It’s called DLC.

    “Why don’t they go it to men then” because men will collectively stop buying a brand of pants without pockets

  2. Cuz they keep buying clothes with no pockets or just faux pockets….. it they started only buying the ones with larger ones…they would cause a. Actual shift

  3. This is just a theory

    Women buy more clothes than men, so to support that women’s clothes need to be cheaper than men’s. Omitting pockets is just cheaper. Its also already socially normal for women to carry purses, so pockets are seen more of a extra than a necessity

  4. Two reasons.

    1. The purse/bag market
    2. Women’s clothing even starting in childhood is much tighter fitter, so even just a phone would be difficult

    Basically the worst parts of capitalism shaping culture

  5. Because women should always strive to be beautiful at all times over practicality. Obviously I’m being sarcastic, but that seems to be the thinking. As a practical woman it drives me mad that while men get pockets and well made clothes we get flimsy impractical clothes made to look good over being practical. I’m not a Barbie doll, I want pockets, hoods, comfortable shoes…

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