why did schools force group showers. it seems really creepy, why not just put in shower stalls?

why did schools force group showers. it seems really creepy, why not just put in shower stalls?

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  1. We had private showers, the only thing that wasn’t private was the changing part but they made it more fun after a session of swimming when everyone’s towels was wet… let’s just say it was sting or be stung

  2. Most schools I went to didn’t even have showers, you simply did P.E, got out of your gym clothes, used a bit of deodorant and then got back into your school clothes. Not like 90% of us ever put in enough effort to build up a sweat, I think apart from schools having common showers, taking P.E. as a particularly serious class is another thing that’s somewhat specially American.

    For us P.E. was more like an extracurricular (in fact, unless you chose to take it as an actual GCSE in your 3rd or 4th year, it almost literally was, being the only subject that wasn’t graded) where you rightfully had a degree of agency in your participation, even if there were group showers the idea that you’d be pressured to use them seems quite inane.

  3. Can only speak for boys showers, but Jizz in large quantities isn’t good for drains, and I 100% would have jacked it after PE in high school had I had a private shower stall.

  4. Blame your parents and your society for thinking that nudity is creepy.

    There is absolutely nothing sexual or creepy about the nude body, and I think it’s great for kids to see how their body are not really that different to other bodies.

  5. The boys’ rectangular shower room in our high school had 24 shower heads along the walls.

    Most of the guys looked away from each other, but others checked each other out – some even got caught in “after school activities” doing sexually-related things in the shower room.

    School system officials would only say that individual shower stalls were too expensive, took up too much room, and that “group shower rooms were a more efficient use of taxpayer dollars.”

  6. I should have known Reddit would fear communal showers. There’s a meltdown anytime toilet stall doors are discussed, so I shouldn’t be surprised. Why are Americans so soft?

  7. Dunno about y’all but here in Australia I have never been to a school with showers.
    I don’t think it’s really a thing here, but any fellow Aussie please correct me if you know of any schools here with showers.

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