Why do you think aliens haven’t made contact with us yet?

Why do you think aliens haven’t made contact with us yet?

What do you think?

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  1. Black Science Man said it best once, and I paraphase;

    “You don’t feel the need to introduce yourself to the ants you pass walking down the sidewalk, do you?”

  2. Because we’re a primitive chaotic and rather dangerous society.

    I’d imagine they have their own laws and rules regarding the interaction with other worlds and what requirements they need for open contact. Certain qualifications and stages of development that have to be met first. There’s no way Earth is stable enough to reach those.

  3. I’m sure they’ve watched us from afar and have seen enough, there’s no need to pursue this endeavor any further. Keep going, find another planet with intelligent life forms because Earth is not it.

  4. Contact only makes sense if we are roughly equal. Think about ants, they have most of the features of intelligent life. Are we making contact with them? Are they with us?

  5. What have we got that’s worth coming for? And if they have been, I doubt they’re excited to want to come back. All we do is kill each other and the planet. Doesn’t sound like somewhere Id wanna go.

  6. It’s one of two reasons.

    1: We’re not ready.

    2: We’re actually the most advanced species in the universe and no other alien planet has mastered regular flight yet let alone space flight.

  7. Because humans are stupid. If those aliens were to just stick around, literally not doing anything harmful, some idiots would think “government behind this, bad, ATTAAAAAAACK!!!!”

  8. The universe is too large, and our imprint upon it too weak for a civilization to notice us. Plus the time it would take to reach us is considerable (understatement). Search Fermi paradox in youtube and you can see quite a few videos regarding the possibilities.

  9. Because they’re too far away and have not developed technologically to reach us, let alone contact us, yet. Remember, interstellar communication is limited to the speed of light, and stars and solar systems are light-years apart. Meaning to send out a message and get a reply would take the light-year distance times two.

  10. Never mind different races, we can’t even make peace with the opposite sex. You think we’d treat some bigheaded bug eyed motherfuckers well?

  11. I think they have, but if anyone aside the ones in extremely high power knew them, we’d be punishing them for crimes against humanity.

    Ive always felt the mutilations, abductions and missing people were all stuff they were quietly allowed to do

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