Why do you think younger people of this generation are more depressed than previous generation?

Why do you think younger people of this generation are more depressed than previous generation?

What do you think?


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  1. The internet has allowed us to communicate with others more than ever. Most depressed people don’t say they’re depressed; however, the internet has allowed them to express their depression while subsequently also informing anyone with internet access to that information. Pair that with increased mental health reporting and understanding of depression, you have a more “depressed world.” When, in reality, people have always been depressed.

  2. Various reasons:

    – news/information travels faster than ever now, if something tragic happens anywhere in the world, you’ll be able to read about it/see it in an online video within the hour.

    – worldwide, wages have not kept up with cost of living

    – the threat of climate change is now more severe than ever before

    – Social media has worsened people’s insecurities

    – Also I think people have always struggled with depression, back then it was far less accepted to talk about, much less, admit such things. Hell, in most countries that aren’t Western countries mental health is still ridiculed

    Those are just the ones I can list off the top of my head

  3. they may not be – as the previous generation mostly did not have the luxury to go through depression, they rather ignored it and lived in the survival mode. these people with undiagnosed and untreated depression who had kids mostly fxcked their kid’s mental health up

  4. Social media, back in the day you’d go to school, and if you had a bad day once you got home most of the time that bad day was over, nowadays kids get home and are seeing posts depicting unrealistic expectations about life, they keep getting bullied digitally, they see swaths of posts of people living their best lives and don’t understand reality is not always that which we see in social media… I honestly believe it’s the cornerstone of a mental health epidemic

  5. the American dream long since died and it generationally has set in HARD. Parents are frustrated with dead end careers and teenagers are seeing that only 30% of independent businesses make it, and those businesses are primarily bought out by bigger corporations, so you always are working under and for someone else.

  6. Stress is constraint, the elimination of many possibilities and confinement to a narrow field.

    Humans do not do well in such a state of abject control and constraint and become self destructive and fail to reproduce causing population collapse.

  7. It’s just that people are more caring about their mental health than let’s say 20+ years ago.

    My generation is also the first gen which people are more communicative about their feelings and it’s becoming more and more normal which stands out probably.

  8. Best quote I’ve heard on this “Because the older generations grew up with hope, and prosperity, while the younger generations did not.”

    Depression makes more sense when you realize the crappy life outcome you’re going to have to slog through for the rest of your life, and how its only going to get exponentially worse for your children if you choose to have them.

  9. I’d say society as a whole has a less positive view of the future, economy, environment etc. And the constant bombardment of the facts or worse case scenarios worsens the outlook. But also that even before people were depressed it just was hidden more than now. And in the first world life has become really erratic, jobs are harder to get or keep let alone good jobs. The dating life has become a mess for many. And while we can be connected to more people than ever we rarely form as deep connections as before and this makes people feel lonely. It’s a heavy burden to be connected to a bunch of people thinking that none of them even really care. Many low paying honest jobs that could support on okayish life before don’t anymore, and better paying jobs have become more stressful according to some studies.
    Don’t know if people are more depressed now than before or even if they have more reason to, but we are more aware of the difference between the happiest influencers etc portraying a happy Life and ourselves.

  10. Self-fulfilling prophecy. The youngest generation of adults today has been told that everything is terrible, there’s no hope for a future and that people are worse than they really are. Liars and brutes are in control, and they don’t even try to come up with convincing enough platitudes anymore for your buck.

    Until there is evidence that life is even worth a shot, this funk is going to continue and pass onto the next generation without the tools to combate or even cope with the anxiety that builds while everyone sits on their hands hopelessly.

  11. oh definitly, their serotonin is completely deregulated because of instant gratification and a six second attention span caused by growing up with the internet of things

  12. In comparison to when. To 20-30-50 years ago? Maybe.
    Otherwise hell no.
    In developed countries living conditions got SO much better, we take them for granted. Even in poor countries most critical things got much better too.
    Maybe we got more envioud due to acces of informstion and a BIAS of what we think some people’s life look like, but we only see a picture.

    There is SO many things we take for granted we don’t value that not even royalty didn’t have access 100 years sgo or 150.
    There was a LOT more violence & war, slavery, a lot less rights, etc.

    You really think people nowadays are more depressed than when child mortaloty was magnitudes higher? With no running water, electricity, much less advanced medicine, access to food, clothes, education, plumbing…
    People had to work MUCH harder for worse results, and life expectanxy was much lower and of course people were aware of it and what illness meant. How would you feel if you were told your children could die, be sent to war, you will get ill & suffer, a toothache will be a really uneasy problem…

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