Why doesn’t school teach everyone about finances, relationships and mental health?

Why doesn’t school teach everyone about finances, relationships and mental health?

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  1. Work in a school and theres tons of reasons ranging from some states don’t seem to want too. Parents and communities don’t always agree on what to teach about stuff like relationships and mental health (teachers either for that matter). Many schools have students that aren’t even at current reading or math levels and it is notoriously hard to change curriculum in a school and time consuming so a lot of the information in those class may be outdated by the time the change comes. That is just the start of it but some schools do try to work towards the finacial literacy and mental and emotional well being, it it just difficult.

  2. Because people wouldn’t pay attention anyways. The majority of students don’t care about math, science or English. If they turned these life skills into academic subjects, unfortunately the majority of kids/teens still would not put in the effort to learn.

  3. They teach to standardized tests, and post-pandemic these kids are so far behind. It’s even worse in the big cities where the administration is trying to hide the results.

  4. Because (at least in my school district) they are focused on two things: Sports, primarily football, because Texas and trying not to piss off the parents *too* much.

    If your student is not on a sportsball team or an overachiever, then fuhgeddaboutit. ESPECIALLY if they’re a member of the “special population” group (disabled or SpEd). Because while individual teachers might do their best to help your student succeed, the district overall will try and go out of their way to try and fuck you and your kids over.

  5. This is taught in school. At least in my country. We have a special class that you have to take through high school. Finances aren’t a big focus of the class but occasionally there’s a bit of budgeting involved.

  6. The people developing the curriculum aren’t that bright to begin with. They’ve basically taken something developed centuries ago and added nonsense to it

  7. Relationships? You should be learning about that via interpersonal interactions in school. What can a teacher teach you that you can’t learn better in the lunch room?

  8. Because there isn’t consensus about what is the right stuff to teach about these things.

    Parents have strong feelings about those things. They would not appreciate the school teaching their child conflicting ideas.

    Parents do not have strong feelings about the war of 1812.

  9. because that would create a generation to be well rounded and sufficiently capable of sustaining themselves and they in turn would raised another generation to be the same way and it would continue to a point where the populace would be self sufficient and could actually think for themselves

  10. because functional human beings is not interesting to the social/economical/political cycle of society. they need us to be constantly at the edge, with no real idea of what the hell is going on so the engine will keep moving and moving and moving

  11. Great, this week’s version of “why don’t schools teach you how to do your taxes?”

    Schools teach you how to do math. Once you know math, you can learn finances on your own, because you’re a big boy now.

    Mental health is a medical issue and must be individually tailored to the patient, and privacy must be assured. Care must be administered by a trained professional, not in a classroom setting.

    And as for relationships. Fucking why? What would be the curriculum? For something as fraught and personal as one’s relationships to friends and loved ones? What exactly do you want school to be?

  12. Some schools do teach basic finances; mine had an elective personal finance class.

    In terms of relationships and mental health, there is no consensus on what the “correct” approach is. There is the kind of stuff that therapists are taught, but there are many people that think therapists are BS.

  13. Para here, lemme explain how this class works first. We have a program called Wheel, 5 elementary schools in my district, 1 teacher at each building then they rotate to the next. So 4 teachers in a school year and the 5th starts off the new round the following year. Each teacher will teach something different like art, health and fitness (really boring but the new teacher also taught golf), computers, coding and finance.

    Lemme tell ya that finance class was fifteen years out of date and was taught by a boomer. We’re a low income school and that boomer had the kids terrified that the bacnk was going to come and take their homes. Had to explain to the counciler what was going on in that class. Teacher didn’t even explain what a credit score was and how that affects you buying a house, car and a job. Telling them to always donate to charties, not to spend money on video games. Basically that you budget/save (you should but shit happens) and donate to charties. You can always do fun things later on in life and she also hated video games. I’m a huge gamer and had issues with that one. Told kids to never take out a credit card but to take out loans and never really explained interest rates on loans but had large interest rate for credit cards. Really glad she retired, cause man that was a rough nine weeks. Had to give out so many hugs and jolly ranchers to those who had a break down.

  14. Mine did…

    We had a “practical maths” component, where we learnt how to fill out a tax return, and basic day-to-day finances. Budgeting, how credit, loans, and interest work. Investments, stocks & shares and the real estate industry.

    We also had a class on how to enrol to vote, and how the voting process works.

    Mental health and relationships were covered in Health class… they weren’t as comprehensive as they should have been, but they were there.

  15. That you should take them all seriously. You could end up poor, lonely and depressed or financially secure, have a rich social life and loving yourself.

  16. As we have to reply every time this question is asked – they give you the building blocks to understand all these things and children have proven time and time again to not get value out of classes focused on these.

  17. I was talking to a friend about this yesterday. I don’t care why this hippopotamus is bigger than the one opposite it, *I NEED TO KNOW HOW TO BE SUCCESSFUL*

  18. because most schools barely have enough money for textbooks let alone teaching things that don’t adhere to main subjects.
    and besides that you wouldn’t want an unqualified person to be teaching these things cuz thats a liability and can result in a lawsuit by a parent.

  19. They did, you just zoned out during Maths and PPE.

    Like I once had a conversation with someone that went like this:

    “They did, in maths class, they had a whole unit on payslips.”
    “Yes they did, we went through the same school system.”
    “Your employer does your taxes for you. Unless you are self employed, you don’t need to do your taxes, but even if you were, there’s an app for that.”
    “Just because people in American TV shows have to calculate their taxes doesn’t mean you have to. As for things like Council Taxes, the Council pre calculates it and sends you a bill.”

  20. I was homeschooled. I did a class at a co-op that taught us how to balance a checkbook, how to pay taxes, how to buy a house, how to grocery shop and use coupons, how to plan a wedding, and how to plan your funeral and expenses involved. Best class ever in my opinion.

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