Why don’t we all make Elon Musk waste his $43bn by deleting Twitter and making it obsolete? Do we really need it?

Why don’t we all make Elon Musk waste his $43bn by deleting Twitter and making it obsolete? Do we really need it?

What do you think?

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  1. I did that yesterday. My account was nine years old, and I never once saw anything of substance on the site. It was like a social network where people just share their farts. Letterkenny was a lot closer to real life than people are giving it credit for.

  2. “If Trump wins the presidency, I’m moving to Canada!”

    People are too addicted to the outrage machine known as Twitter to leave.

    And if they do? Good. Musk making Twitter better, already. Go throw your temper tantrum on Twitter, or somewhere else. Baby needs their bottle.

  3. Twitter is a really key platform for breaking news, understanding current trends, and cross-cultural exposure. I don’t think it’s a great place for discourse or organizing but I do believe it serves some key functions.

    That being said yes please let’s lose Musk some money.

  4. Lol. People can’t. They’re addicted to it, which is what is going to make it all that much more funny. The blue checkmarks are going to be endlessly whining about him while supporting his platform.

    All the ruckus because people are going to have to see opinions they don’t like again.

  5. The problem is a lot of people probably will delete! But there will be tons staying behind.

    And they will be the ones who are actually affected possible misinformation/turned to the alt right

  6. I signed up for Twitter about 2 years ago. Within 2 months I deleted it. It’s a cesspool of trolls, bots, people who do not deserve a platform to speak that loudly, and verified people that do not deserve a platform to speak that loudly.

  7. I really like people in this thread on THIS social media site lambasting people on ANOTHER social media site. Hey, why don’t we sell Reddit to Elon too! And Facebook!

    We’ve picked our platforms from the offerings of business people. All of these platforms have (or will) turn into spaces to create ad revenue. None of them are truly dedicated to the dissemination of info and all have the sticky fingers of their interests steering the way.

    We don’t NEED any of them. Since we have them, we try to make them useful, but the end use is creating money for someone else.

  8. People seem to really love the quick hitting short messages of Twitter so yeah, some seem to need it as a form of modern entertainment by indignation.

    I personally use it to collect data for investments which works quite well for me and I also don’t see why I would want Elon Musk to have wasted the money.

  9. I pretty much just use it as a news feed. So I’m going to see how it plays out. If it gets annoying there are plenty of other options.

    But whether one billionaire or several control it doesn’t really matter much to me in the abstract.

  10. All of these little “website boycotts” people try to stage never work because a large portion of the world never sees the information about it and doesn’t care enough to. The TikTok blackouts, the Etsy vacations, the Instagram black squares, whatever Tumblr did… all performative bullshit.

    Though, if a different billionaire being in charge is enough to make some tankies and bleeding hearts find a different echo chamber elsewhere, maybe society has a chance.

  11. Why bother? If you don’t like the new rules, quit then. It’s not like anybody actually needs Twitter. Does anybody really think that Elon is going to make huge drastic changes? He wants to retain the userbase and expand it.

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