why don’t we use alcohol to power cars?

why don’t we use alcohol to power cars?

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  1. We do, to an extent. In the 80s/90s when they were starting to do it on a large scale, people were skeptical about the power in vs the power out. Recent info has validated those fears, and added new fears about carbon waste from alcohol-laden fuels.

  2. Because Earth’s natural resources have an abundance of oil that can easily be distilled into things like heptane etc but ethanol not so much. But if you lived on mars and wanted to chemically synthesize a fuel, ethanol might be a good one. You’d need to modify engines to take account of different properties (lubricity, etc.) of ethanol vs the mixed used in pump gas. They do use ethanol in IndyCar think tho smh.

  3. It requires insane amounts of land to grow the corn required. Then it becomes an issue if you use the corn to feed hungry people or fuel cars. Good luck making that choice.
    Creating the land required probably means a lot of trees were getting cut down too. It’s just not possible on the earth scale.

  4. It’s usually corn ethanol, which is almost as much energy to make as it produces, while using fossil fuels. It just supports the agriculture industry and does nothing for the environment.

  5. I think I read where all cars in Brazil run on alcohol. True or not, I’ve read that it takes more energy to turn farm waste products into alcohol than it does for refineries to turn crude oil into gasoline. Also, alcohol has less btu’s than gasoline, meaning gas mileage would be lower. It all comes down to money.

  6. There actually was an ethanol fueled car. You basically poured anything containing ethanol into it (vodka, vine, anything). Also, it could run on most types of fuel, excluding leaded gasoline. However, it just never fully caught on, as it was never fully promoted, and it was basically just an experiment. It was called Chrysler Turbine Car, and not a lot of them are surviving right now, with only just about 9 that weren’t destroyed.

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