Why every criminal from Scooby Doo chose to dress up as a monster instead of skipping town after they steal whatever they’re trying to steal?

Why every criminal from Scooby Doo chose to dress up as a monster instead of skipping town after they steal whatever they’re trying to steal?

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  1. In some of these cases stealing was not the goal, it’s the place itself which was of importance.

    Several episodes show people who are trying to make what is the equivalent of large insurance frauds or scare away the potential buyers of competitor, some cases were even ideological.

    In cases inwhich the criminal desired an actual treasure the answer is mostly – he was trying to pin the crime on a monster to obfuscate his blame.

    The reasoning for staying was mostly:

    * The thief had difficulty removing the stolen goods away from the property and so lingered hoping he could “delay the search until the coast is clear”.

    * The thief left evidence in the scene of the crime. Ones that would implicate him if found.

    * The thief had emotional attachments to the area or the people in it and chose to stay in spite of increasing his chances of being found.

    * The thief had “mental difficulties”. Real ones that might require actual psychiatric help.

  2. Several of them were in the middle of their heists. Looking for buried treasure or working an old mine or something

    But the real answer is…if they did that there wouldn’t be a cartoon

  3. Because most of the times, in order for them to steal it they need time and they need to keep people away. So a monster lurking the site it’s an efficient way to acomplish it I guess.

  4. Don’t cop shows always suspect the guy that decided to take a vacation after something goes missing or is stolen ? It’s best you just claim a mental break down and just start fucking with people. Running around with a sheet and mask trying to scare people , hell witnesses will help convince reporters that you gone lost your Damm mind .. plea bargain for an insanity case .

    Plus I’d also stick around to watch Velma crawl around on her knees all day .. she could get it

  5. Because then you have no plot for the show for the kids and adults watching. Remember, applying real life logic to fiction often defeats the purpose of any fictional work in the first place, as well as potentially ruining one’s enjoyment of said fictional work.

    Just some food for thought, and please consider this an opinion based on personal experience, with **0** empirical evidence nor even scientific evidence to support it.

  6. Well some of them were in the middle of their heist and trying to scare people away from it

    As for the others if they skipped town after something went missing wouldn’t bother be suspicious. If you scare some people away and then say you’re gonna leave because of a monster like the others that covers your tracks and is smart

    They probably all would have gotten away with it to if it weren’t for those meddling kids and that dumb dog

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