Why has modern day society seem to have fallen off of religion so drastically?

Why has modern day society seem to have fallen off of religion so drastically?

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  1. * more knowledge.

    In the past, the question if god didn’t make humans where did they come from had no answer. No one could say evolutions here look at the bones. Because they had not been dug up yet.

    * the internet.

    In the past people could tell their kids “god did it” as an answer to anything and the kid would just have to accept it. now they can check google.

    * the powerful have new ways to control people.

    In the past, the main way to keep the presents in line was religion so if you didn’t believe they would toss you in jail or off a cliff. now we have laws, freedoms, money. and other ways to organize society so it’s less important to the people in charge what you believe.

  2. If we are talking about the US, then I would argue that it is because the conservative/Republican side in the US co-opted Christianity as part of their platform and politicized the hell out of it (pun intended).

    This has put off so many people. Basically the politically conservative in the US have weaponized religion and that has really not sat well with a lot of people.

    edit: to add especially among the young, millenials and Gen-Z.

  3. Modernization and greater awareness of complexity. In America it’s been replaced by politics/social justice ideologies so the impulse survives. The religious right has a lot to blame for that.

  4. Because of those that represent religion.

    If they behaved like they’re they’re supposed to, rather than being paedophiles and con-men, religion may have a stronger position in the world.

  5. Because until the digital age, the main way kids got their knowledge of the world was thru their parents, and along with that came indoctrination into whatever religion the parents were in to. Now that younger and younger kids are gaining access to worldwide information and being exposed to many more ideas, they are essentially self-indoctrinating into the idea that most religions are completely incompatible with each other, and the only logical resolution is that they are all wrong.

  6. Kids are being raised as free thinkers instead of their parents clones. Also, there’s a much larger community of non-believers and easier access to information and allows people to feel safe and not as persecuted as they would have been only 20 years ago. Religion is a poison to society and more people are realizing this 🙂

  7. Because she one time people looked up and saw this bright thing in the sky and said tray must be God. The later it became God made that bright thing in the sky. Now we know it’s a ball of burning gas that formed over billions of years through natural processes.

  8. I grew up and realized that religion was simply a means to control the masses. There is zero proof of a diety or a higher power amd the Bible was written by people who thought storms and volcanoes were the wrath of God. Religion is for the mentally weak imo

  9. For years (Centuries?) traditional religion had gotten away from acceptance of all. They took a few lines from the bible to “justify” treating those with different views poorly.

    It got to the point where people would not put up with it and it also became acceptable to not belong to traditional religion.

    This is changing as more religions return to what many believe is the true guidance of religion and are more accepting of non-traditional lifestyles.

  10. People wanting to not be shot by cops cause of their skin color or wanting to avoid discrimination at work because of there orientation isn’t really comparable to believe in an all powerful sky god.

  11. It hasn’t, all the woke stuff is one example of that religious need being filled. Doesn’t listen to reason, has its saints and it’s demons, its customs (take a knee) and its symbols (the ubiquitous rainbow flag).

    There’s right wing ones as well, such as the Trump could do no wrong and q anon types.

    Bring back those cathedrals and hymns I say!

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