Why have the abortion bill decided by politicians instead of putting it up for vote by the people?

Why have the abortion bill decided by politicians instead of putting it up for vote by the people?

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  1. People who do not work in lawmaking do not often think about overarching consequences. Before you read on, I do believe our lawmaking does need fixed and the people should have more say but this is why there is no overall vote:

    I saw a post about legalizing the sale of your own organs earlier today. Some people agreed because most people’s initial thoughts are, “Yeah, I should be able to sell my own kidney,” without thinking about the fact that it opens a can of worms that would lead to the diminishing rights of your own body, eventually the poor would be forced by economic situations to sell their kidneys or face homelessness. Stuff like that

    Edit: I thought this post was about bills in general. I agree that abortion should be allowed and am pro choice. My opinion on lawmaking still stands however.

  2. It isn’t an “abortion bill”, it is a Supreme Court case that they are considering overturning. The public didn’t vote on it originally (because we never do that with Supreme Court cases) so the same rules are applying now. However if it DOES get overturned, the States then theoretically can make their own laws regarding abortion, and if they wanted to, they could put that up for a vote.

  3. That’s kind of what repealing rvw is doing. Granted, we’re still a representative democracy.

    And there’s going to be more to it, just like any change

  4. Because America is a democratically elected Republic and not a true democracy. We elect the people who then vote on our behalf. Unfortunately our representatives haven’t been representing their constituents for some time now.

  5. Because this is NOT a democracy, it’s a Republic. In a Republic the people vote for politicians to represent them in Washington.
    So essentially, you already voted for them, now they vote for you.

  6. Large scale direct democracy has always ended in disaster. That’s why every single modern, large scale democracy works by electing representatives.

  7. Because they know the people would vote against it and why would you let people with uteruses make decisions about the female reproductive system when old men who don’t even know what a Fallopian tube is can do it? /s

  8. This is an area that your political identity decides which side of the abortion line you stand.

    Politicians can’t have a public debate, too much chance they fall on the wrong side of public opinion.

    As long as it is an argument, no one is wrong or right.

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