Why haven’t teachers unions in the USA called general strikes until politicians do something meaningful re shootings?

Why haven’t teachers unions in the USA called general strikes until politicians do something meaningful re shootings?

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  1. Ah, strike, kids are out of school, mental health worsens and they fall behind academically.

    Nothing like punishing the children to help the children.

  2. It’s not like teachers get paid well as is, it’s asking too much for them to go on unpaid leave when they make jack shit. Plus who the fuck is gonna teach, isn’t teaching kids kinda the priority here

  3. Most teachers are primarily concerned about their students and their wellbeing. They worry about what happens to them if they are not in school. Plus probably too exhausted.

  4. In some states, teachers sign a contract on a yearly basis. While they aren’t often fired (except when there is criminal wrongdoing) if they were to do something embarrassing to the higher-ups, they might not be offered another contract the following year.

    This is how it was when my Mom was a teacher. It might have changed since her time teaching. This was one of the ways the schools weeded out ineffective teachers.

  5. Why do people say mass shootings **never** happen outside of the US when they in fact do? Maybe US had more, but that doesn’t mean it never ever happens outside of the country.

  6. Because they still have bills to pay and families to support. Because they care about their students’ education. Because they can’t wait the years it will take for the gears of American politics to churn out and apply meaningful law changes.

  7. If you work at a soap factory and go on strike, some clients go unhappy but big whoop, it’s not like the people making soap on the assembly line probably cared about the client’s feelings anyways.

    On the other hand if teachers go on strike the kids suffer, and that goes against why most of us became teachers in the first place. We care about our students, and know we’d be letting them down for something they didn’t choose.

  8. I don’t know, but they should be trying to go for getting rid of gun free zones. If all schools weren’t gun free zones, shooters wouldn’t feel emboldened knowing the place they are going to shoot has nobody immediately on site to stop them. If you allow teachers to use concealed carry, then those shooters would not have such a prime target

  9. Teacher Unions aren’t that unified, at least in my area a lot of teachers opted out or left their union, so a strike wouldn’t do anything except have a handful of teachers go on strike.

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