Why isn’t healthcare free in America?

Why isn’t healthcare free in America?

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  1. I’d say because the US have historically had a fear of « big government » and heavily promoted individual freedom and property, so private everything is the norm.

    There are many reasons to those factors which I won’t get into, but I think there are 2 root causes.

  2. Americans only care
    About themselves .

    Me , me , me

    If they (rich) are doing good . They don’t care about anyone else.

    So here we are paying a lot in taxes, a lot in health insurance every month. And still pay lots in co pays.

    Funny part is to get people to join active duty military. Is by telling them they’ll get free health insurance.

    One of the reasons I joined the military.

  3. Profits! That’s all that matters in America, for a few people to get filthy stinking rich while everyone else suffers. You can’t pay for medical treatments? I guess you’ll die.

  4. Because lawmakers are too easily coerced and corrupted by for profit healthcare.

    Short-term perks via lobbyists are far more important and likely to be acted upon than things like long-term benefits to the people at large by providing affordable if not free healthcare.

  5. Because people wouldn’t be telling their kids to be a doctor, nurse, pharmacist, etc. if the pay was lowered because of free healthcare. Since those professions make a lot, I’m sure it would get lowered and people wouldn’t really want to major in it in college. Heck I think that’s why most people who have the equivalent outside the USA come here to practice and just take the TOEFL (sp?) exam and start raking in that cash.

  6. Nowhere is healthcare free. It’s paid with taxes. And someone else said it – there’s too much money to be made here in the US for there to be universal healthcare.

  7. Healthcare is never free. The correct question is whether the cost of healthcare is handled individually or collectively.

    America and handling a burden collectively. Need I say more?

  8. No such thing as a free lunch, some one will pay. We all see what printing currency does to commodity prices, so something from nothing is not sustainable for any amount of time. The affordable care act( Obamacare) was supposed to be partly funded by the student loans, so there is another hole. One man’s debt will always be another man’s income.

  9. There are a lot of reasons. Really, you would think employers would love to have a single payer system and no longer have to pay for healthcare benefits for their employees. However, political donations from major corporate interests often support Republicans who are desperate to keep the healthcare system as it is despite the obvious dysfunction.

    So what gives? Well, the only reasonable explanation is that these employers understand that their control over their employee’s healthcare grants them considerable leverage over employees. I mean, if we had a single payer system, people would leave their bullshit jobs in droves and take on more fulfilling but less secure careers.

    The same holds true for student loans. If people didn’t have a mountain of debt to hold them in place, they would risk starting a new job or starting their own business.

    It’s all about controlling employees.

  10. If the largest corporations are spending trillions on healthcare premiums, why aren’t they lobbying for free healthcare? In a nationalized healthcare system, American corporations could basically eliminate all healthcare spending and their employees would be paying the same amount of tax. This would improve their competitiveness globally. This paradox has always puzzled me. The answer is so cynical is probably why I never realize it. Corporations realize that the “cost” of having employees who can switch jobs without concern for healthcare will cost them more. A worker who is considering starting an independent competing company will have to figure out how to fund health insurance for themselves, their family, and their new employees. Even starting at a new job can block health care access.

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