Why isn’t soccer (football) as popular in North America as it is in the rest of the world?

Why isn’t soccer (football) as popular in North America as it is in the rest of the world?

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  1. It’s not popular in the media, on TV, no one has “team days” at work with soccer teams (like we do with football), almost next to no news coverage.

    It’s very popular for kids though. A lot of kids growing up play soccer in grade schools.

  2. As an American, most often we love instant gratification and get that with lots of other spots. Hence why baseball is declining in popularity while American football and basketball popularities are at all time highs. Also the professional soccer/football league here is a joke compared to most other countries with promotion/relegation and the points/playoff system.

  3. My theory is that soccer is harder to advertise with compared to other popular sports in the US/NA. The clock seems to stop every few seconds in basketball and American football, so networks have plenty of space to cram in commercials and make that sweet sweet ad revenue. But with soccer, the clock generally does not stop, and networks have to limit advertising to halftime. There’s probably other factors, but I wouldn’t be surprised if American networks have played a hand in the lack of popularity in the sport over here.

    EDIT: Also when you imagine every rowdy American super-sports-fan all under one banner, it’s probably good that we don’t care about the World Cup lol

  4. Ask the question in reverse. American football is too expensive to be enjoyed by all countries. You can’t play football without pads and a helmet. Soccer can be played with only a ball.

  5. We have other sports, i.e Baseball and Football. Also different cultures and lifestyles. Soccer is still popular, just no one is as great at the European and South Americans. Although, this world cup, Japan beat Germany and Saudi beat Argentina so change is coming

  6. Americans are dumb as fuck so they can’t comprehend watching a game that could end 0-0.


    Morons basically.

  7. One, you have an indigenous game. Two, the sideline paraphernalia is part of the game, that doesn’t happen in soccer. Three, understanding the offside rule is almost impossible outside Europe.

  8. I think realistically its the money. The American major sports are Football, Baseball, Basketball and Hockey. The highest paid player in MLS is 8.5 million with the lowest around 85k. Lowest paid players in NFL is 660k and seems to be about on par with the other 3 major sports.

  9. Football is so popular, because everyone can just play it. You dont even need a ball to play. Two sticks and a can is sufficent. In richer countries you dont have that Problem, so other sports can be played as well. In Europe football is Popular, because it was invented there, i would say.

  10. Because america has there own sports that they enjoy soccer just isnt one of them. How ever its more popular than you think i live in the us and a lot of people like soccer.

  11. Not enough shots on goal and scoring which is caused in large part by the restrictive offsides rules. Also, since many don’t play, they can’t appreciate how good the top players are.

  12. Because you can’t make money on commercials in a game with two unstopped 45 minute halves. American Football is the most popular sport because it is easiest to shove the most commercials into. So it has the best production and most money put into selling it. Basketball also has many opportunities for commercials which is why it is second most popular.

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