Why LGBTQ+ when the Q itself sums up all the different sexual and social identities?

Why LGBTQ+ when the Q itself sums up all the different sexual and social identities?

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  1. Some people don’t like the label queer, since it had been used as an insult for the community. Or some people simply prefer more specific labels that suits them.

  2. Not everyone likes the word “queer”. It was used as a slur for a long long time and it is up to the individual if they want to reclaim it or not.

    Also, imo, “lesbian” has been treated as a dirty word for years when it shouldn’t be. I don’t like describing myself as “wlw”, I don’t like describing myself as “queer”, I don’t like describing myself “sapphic”, those words feel like I’m sanitizing myself because someone decided my identity was a porn category.

    (I have absolutely no issue with what words other people use for themselves, that is just how I personally chose to define myself and my sexual identity. Gender and sexuality are complex, we will never be able to fit in one box nor should we have to!)

  3. I suspect you have to differentiate two reasons for someone to give their group a name:

    1) Efficient classification scheme.

    2) Assertion of identity.

    Needless to say, the letter soup here is about number two where everyone wants a letter in the mix they can point to and say “That’s me!”. If it was just for efficient naming, you’d call it “Not straight” instead of itemizing every way of being not straight, but people would be sad to be defined by what they’re not instead of what they are.

    Which is why I think we’re up to LGBTQIA+ now in some naming schemes.

  4. A lot of folks have actually slowly been starting to favor the abbreviation GSRM because of this reason. (Gender, sexual, and romantic minorities). That way is is more inclusive without pinpointing specific identities in the title :]

    Whenever I talk about the community i always say queer community myself. It just flows off the tongue better.

  5. I’ve seen some really long ass acronyms that almost defeat the purpose of having an acronym in the first place. At least “LGBTQ+” is easy enough to say out loud and the plus sign should indicate that it includes anyone who doesn’t fit into the first 5 letters. If it gets any longer it’s just going to become awkward at least to say out loud. Written down it’s whatever.

  6. Why add even more beyond those when the “+” is all encompassing? Every couple years they add another letter but like….the “+” covers it all, doesn’t it? No shade or anything, just why add beyond the infinite?

  7. Asking a legit question here from maybe a more philosophical standpoint so hopefully no need to crucify me lol… why does the LGBTQ+ community still need labels? From what I understand (please clarify if I’m way off base here) acceptance into the whole of society is the end goal of the LGBTQ+ community right? I propose the idea that as long as one not only accepts a label but actually creates a label of their own choosing they will always be separate from everyone else. I’ve applied this argument in another forum to race and overall the idea was received well. When I’m filling out a government form and it asks me what race I am I can’t help wonder if all this separating us and labeling us into different categories is not contributing to the problem of us vs them. Aren’t we all just people? This is a big topic but just wanted to float the idea.

  8. Well because it doesnt…

    Queer is a word that is sometimes used in different ways. But generally, its used as a broad term in regards to sexuality.
    So gay, lesbian, bi etc.

    Its usually not used by trans people.

    But i think queer is mostly meant to represent those with sexualities that dont quite fit into the other groups.

  9. I have a question!

    LGB all refer to who you are attracted to.

    T is if you don’t feel comfortable with your body.

    Please correct me if I am wrong/excuse my ignorance but why are they grouped together when they seem to be very different issues.

  10. Some people like to identify as queer, and some don’t. I’m here, I’m queer, because “bi” doesn’t fully encapsulate my experience of being a mom to a trans son or sister to a trans brother, and I really have more interactions with the trans community than the lesbian community.

  11. A lot of people do not identify with the “queer” label, myself included. To me it insinuates “something wrong”, and there is nothing wrong with me so I should not bear such a label.

  12. Please do not ask stupid questions. Categorically NO! It does not sum up all the identities. People will change how they feel per day. There is always something new how a person feels and wants to be called. Please get educated on this stuff, we are in 2022 not the 1990’s no more.

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