Why rush to get out of the plane when you’ll be waiting at baggage claims anyways?

Why rush to get out of the plane when you’ll be waiting at baggage claims anyways?

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  1. Been on a ton of planes, the only reason to rush is if it’s been a long flight, either direct or with lay overs and you really need to stretch your legs. I’m tall and can’t stand straight up in a plane, so stretching out the legs is so necessary.

  2. I hate being cooped up in a plane

    I can dawdle on my way to the baggage claim. Look out windows. Walk back and forth on the moving walkway. Try to spot trapped birds. Contemplate buying airport fast food and then reconsider it. In a plane I’m just breathing in recycled bacteria from grimacing unhappy people

  3. Unless it’s an overseas trip or longer than 2 weeks, I don’t think most people need to check baggage. The carry on plus personal item is more than sufficient in most cases of you know how to pack. It’s cheaper to buy a shirt and pants at a local store at your destination than it is to check baggage anymore

  4. Listen man if you wanna stay in the sweaty fart and cough tube you’ve already been in for hours then go right ahead, I’m getting out ASAP

  5. I dunno about “rush”, but I’m usually keen to get off a plane because I get a bit claustrophobic on them.

    Not like “panic attack” bad, just “I crave empty open space” bad. Seeing the sky or – if it’s a tunnel – a big open room feels wonderful after hours of not being able to move your legs or stretch out your arms.

  6. I don’t usually rush, I’m fine being the last person off the plane if I don’t have a connecting flight, but I do get the impulse to no longer be trapped in an airtight tube of other people’s farts

  7. I flew from Europe to USA and I rushed out of the flight to beat the crowd to the passport/visa control. It’s very satisfying to be the first ten people and then see several hundred people from other flights line up behind you. The difference in time can be hours.

  8. Many years ago, I was able to afford an upgrade to First Class, and after that? I swore I’d never go back.

    Of course, being laid off, a global pandemic and a series of shit jobs put the kibosh on being able to afford it, but now that I’m back to (almost) being able to afford it? I’m planning my next flight.

    It isn’t just the extra leg room, or the more comfy seat. It isn’t the free drinks or the surprisingly good food. No, the real value in First Class comes before and after the flight.

    When you check in, there’s maybe a few people in line before you instead of a hundred. Depending on the airport you get through TSA faster than anyone. You’re first on the plane for the most part.

    Then when it lands? You’re first off, and your bags are, too. Usually (in my experience), you’ve picked up your bags off the carousel before the plebes in coach have even found their way down to the baggage claim area.

    First Class is a helluva thing.

  9. Generally, people smell bad and plane seats are not the pinnacle of comfort.

    This is kind of like asking “Why do people try to get out of the sun in 110 F heat when getting inside may be a slightly or significantly less inconvenience and increase overall comfort?”

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