Why should we trust the Democratic process when rich people can game the system?

Why should we trust the Democratic process when rich people can game the system?

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  1. Look, the only thing a proper democratic process gets you is that the people who won the most (relevant) votes actually take office. That’s it.

    If Candidate Dumbfuck gets 10,346 votes, and Senator Fascist Gets 10,345, then your democracy is 100 percent working as intended as long as Dumbfuck takes office (or vice versa, if the totals are reversed).

    The people electing idiots, assholes, con artists, etc…is a baked in risk of democracy. Just like burning the shit out of yourself is a baked in risk of having a stove in your house. The stove ain’t broken just because you insist on sticking your hand on the hot burner.

    I trust the democratic process because so far, the person who gets the most relevant votes, be they popular votes within a district, or electoral votes for president…takes office.

    When that stops happening, I’ll stop trusting the system. Until then, the system is fine, but my fellow Americans insist on voting in the same slate of geriatric sociopaths every time. Alas, that’s a problem with our society, not our democratic system.

  2. “Gaming the system” under democracy is just convincing people to vote a certain way. That’s… just democracy.

    “Gaming the system” under most other forms of government seems far worse with no remedy. At least under a democracy, there’s a theoretical way out. Vote. Freakin. Differently. And convince more people to do the same.

  3. Because it is easier than having a revolution. Can you imagine that shit? All the electricity and plumbing being turned off. Not to mention the internet. The chaos in the streets and then what? Military rule until some other powerful asshole takes over and we live in some sort of dictatorship? Fuck that. Just whinge to your friends and enjoy what you have and hope to live a comfortable life.

  4. Yeah we should have a system where everyone has a vote on decisions we make. Except we can have very busy lives and can’t dedicate our time to making these decisions so we’ll vote for people to represent us for these decisions. It will be a full time job though, so we’ll all pay a bit of money to make sure they can do it full time.

  5. The fact that the wealthy use so much money to sway elections should just reinforce the fact that voting matters and your vote has power. If voting didn’t matter they wouldn’t be pouring all this money into it.

  6. Democracy is like war; it doesn’t decide who’s right, it decides who has power.

    You _shouldn’t_ trust it. What did you fail to understand about the price of liberty being _eternal_ vigilance?

  7. I don’t really understand the point you’re making. To the degree that rich people “game the system,” it’s because we as voters elect politicians who allow/encourage this to happen. WE elected THEM.

    I don’t understand how the conclusion is “democracy is the problem,” rather than “voters are the problem.” We need to elect better candidates, not just stop electing candidates entirely.

  8. Vote. Are the odds against the average person? Yes. But turnout has been piss poor for the democrats. Boomers out vote the shit off of Gen z and millennials combined. Biden came down to a few thousand votes in a few different swing states. Doesnt matter if you support biden or not. The point is it came down to votes. They are counting on your apathy! Don’t let them convince you your voice is meaningless. Please, don’t go down without a fucking fight.

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