Why won’t the gun related asks stop flooding in?

Why won’t the gun related asks stop flooding in?

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  1. Idk it’s starting to annoy me. And my moms already paranoid because of it happening so frequently now. Starting to make me paranoid..

  2. In some circles the shooters gain prophet like status. Some circles share their disgust. Other share their disgust in those disgusted by senseless killing. Then there are the politics of regulation. Many people lost access to things they value and could control (eg drugs). They were supposedly regulated for population safety. Same with cars. Some people think if they can’t have access to drugs then why should you have access to guns. We can both enjoy them responsibly. There is that.

  3. It’s contributing to mass anxiety for victims as well as fear of copycats for those actually in the region/ country. Please just use the search feature!!

  4. – Because we are so used to a peaceful society that a mass shooting in a population of 300 ***million*** people is something that always shocks and awes the general population.

    – The media knows this and absolutely plays it up and posts it everywhere. Internet, Radio, TV, magazines, it’s actually quite hard to miss if you don’t avoid popular news media. This one incident makes it on the minds of hundreds of millions of people who have little to nothing to do with it.

    – I don’t know about you, but I feel the endless unchallenged doomsaying and nearsighted activism that results from the deluge of news always results in everyone feeling bad, disempowered, possibly disenfranchised. Feels to me that it is a psychological attack that hurts everyone who witnesses it. Nobody is willing to discuss or explain the truth of the situation which makes it extremely frustrating and hurts our society.

  5. It’s the way of ask Reddit, you will get 1000 questions each day asking almost exactly the same thing just worded differently.

    Just scroll past and read a different question.

  6. The arrogant and the ignorant refuse to realize the hopelessness of their situation when confronted with something they do NOT understand.


    But they will still try to reach the top of that high horse so they can get their asses handed to them when it bucks them off.

  7. I think for some it’s because they’re scared and angry and feel a need to have that heard, and validated by strangers on Reddit.

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