Why would anyone believe something without evidence?

Why would anyone believe something without evidence?

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  1. Stupidity, ignorance, more stupidity, too much confidence, (optional) bad school system, cults, Dunning-Kruger effect, watched too much movies, did we already had stupidity?

  2. Because it may subconsciously benefit them by convincing themselves that something is real. By doing that, they can justify their actions that may be morally wrong to others.

  3. We all have some things we think are true and might not be, we just never spent time thinking about. My grandma still thinks the microwave uses radiation, like the nuclear kind

  4. Belief without evidence is a fun question in the realm of the philosophy of science. Many times throughout history people had faith in their predictions well before evidence was found. Many of these predictions were based on math or perfectly logical assumptions; yet, were void of actual evidence for years. For example, the Milankovitch cycles were described via complex math before any hard evidence was found. The same van be said for Copernicus, he was in opposition to all of the evidence known at time. This list is unending and amazing to think about.

    A lack of evidenceis not the same of evidence of lacking.

  5. Oh boy. This is turning into a cesspool of people who think they’re smarter than they really are, jerking each other off while yelling “SHEEP” and “RELIGION DUMB”

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