With all respect to other cultures, what’s one thing about some other culture you just can’t stand?

With all respect to other cultures, what’s one thing about some other culture you just can’t stand?

What do you think?


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  1. American’s self promotion / braggadocio. In New Zealand it’s seen as very arrogant and crass. It’s OK to be good at something, but you should be humble about it.

  2. Italians talking about being Italian. Its wild.

    “Oh I know food, I’m italian”

    I’ve seen you microwave wonderbread and eat it plain.

    “I can’t help it, I’m italian”

    Your behavior has jack shit to do with your heritage dude

  3. Their treatment of women, gays, children, and minorities is completely unacceptable. I don’t give a shit that it’s their culture. Their culture is objectively inferior and their values are garbage if it doesn’t relentlessly prosecute the rape of children, the stoning of gay people, and the treatment of women like glorified sex slaves.

  4. How in some cultures they call you brother (Indians, Caucasians (in a more narrow sense)). I’m not your brother. And calling me like that is not polite or pleasant, it’s just strange and wrong.

  5. Ahaaaaa uhhhhhh

    Well, I don’t like anger being used as an excuse to do whatever you want and take it out on your community. Violence isn’t excusable, neither is selling your neighbors narcotics, I don’t care how bad you feel you’re only making it worse

    To counter that, I’m pretty sure the prison system is quite literally just still slavery, with unjust laws resulting in families being wrongly destroyed. Also, if I was constantly told it was punching down to criticize me, I’d be mad too. Seems disrespectful to me


    Watch this. The title is misleading, it applies to what I’m talking about

  6. French people refusing to talk to you in English when you are a tourist in France, while having no issue talking English to you when they are a tourist in your country…

  7. Respectfully, treating women as less than dogs chaps my ass. I guess mens there aren’t able to even look at them without being driven mad with lust, too? It’s time for some serious paradigm shifting in lands that are okay with all that. Maybe pass on a few trade deals until all the gang raping and stoning them to death stops.

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