Women with long fake nails, how in god’s name do you wipe?

Women with long fake nails, how in god’s name do you wipe?

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  1. I have long natural nails but I’ve never understood this question… are you guys sticking your fingers up your ass when you wipe? Like what? You just wipe it like normal (I mean not a normal where fingers enter the arsehole but you know, my normal where I just wipe with toilet paper), the nails don’t get in the way. I don’t notice a difference when I have shorties.

  2. Same way I do when I don’t have nails. Flat hand. The pressure is from the inside of the knuckles not the tip. I think its weird as hell that yall are apparently scraping at your butthole with your finger tips.

    Disclaimer: I don’t get mine crazy long, only about half an inch past my finger, but I’m sure women with longer nails are doing the same thing I am.

  3. You keep your hand flat instead of curving it, so you’re kind of pressing the TP up instead of using your hand to cup it. Keeps the nails straight and away from the body instead of up your ass lmao

  4. I hold the paper with the pads of my fingers, just like anything else. I mean, I guess I feel more “pressure” against the nails than I would with shorter nails, but it doesn’t stop you from being able to wipe.

  5. I mean normally? It’s not like I’m fingering my asshole when I poop. Plus you get used to it.

    People ask the same thing about changing diapers. I’ve never had a problem

  6. I have a coworker with long fake nails, and I asked her how she lives. She told me “it’s not that hard” as she struggled to do basically anything.

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