Would you be willing to pay for child-free plane rides and other services, like movies and plays? Why or why not?

Would you be willing to pay for child-free plane rides and other services, like movies and plays? Why or why not?

What do you think?


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  1. I fully believe that every business should have child free hours. Like you can bring your kids to the movies in the afternoon but evenings are for the adults, or a restaurant that doesn’t allow kids on fridays, something like that

  2. I travel quite a bit by train, and would happily pay 100% of the current ticket fee if it meant I could ride in a childfree coach. I’m surprisingly not particularly fond of screaming children, or kids climbing on the seat in front of me or kicking the back of mine, and I’d rather spend those 3 hours in peace and quiet. There are “calm” zones already that are meant to be just that, but it’s not enforced in any way, so you’ll still have to deal with small children screaming, running around, or watching shows on iPads without headphones. Completely useless.

    Same goes for restaurants. I’d happily pay more for mid- to high range dining if it meant I could be guaranteed there’d be no children present.

  3. Assuming it’d be extra, no. They’re annoying sure but I can’t recall a time I partook in one of those activities and have it be ruined from someone’s kid.

  4. Really a parent shouldn’t be bringing a child that’s young enough to start crying in the middle of the play. Plus if they’re that young, their memory isn’t developed, and they’re not gonna remember it, nor are they gonna understand what’s going on.

    As for the plane ride, don’t know. If they really need to take their baby somewhere I guess they have to. I wouldn’t necessarily pay for a child-free one, I’d probably just bring earplugs and put headphones on top of them

  5. Eh. Probably less likely to buy into that given how much I dislike kids kicking me and screaming.

    If you make it an upgrade, then I would enjoy taking the gamble to see if I “won” x dollars.

  6. That’s what private/chartered flights are. If you go to shows in the evening then you’ll probably avoid the children.

    I’d like to say it’s the parents, not the children, who are at fault. We didn’t take our kid to the movies until we knew she wanted to go. Our kid is chill, so screaming or acting up was never an issue. If she was like that, there was no way in hell I’d take her out in public to annoy others.

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