Would you press a button to painlessly end a random human life on earth for 10 billion dollars? Why or why not?

Would you press a button to painlessly end a random human life on earth for 10 billion dollars? Why or why not?

What do you think?

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  1. I would like to be able to blindly said no as from a moral standpoint, but thinking that those money could really help save much more lives makes me doubt my position pretty often

  2. No, as someone who has a close family member who just passed away. One person’s death affects everyone around them. I would not wish this on anyone else family. It is awful how little we value life; a person no longer exists. This thought alone should make us appreciate the one we love and our own life.

  3. Definitely not,that would only prove that “No life is worth” it, everyone is important to the Community and has a specific Role, so everyone is important, every life. Killing an innocent Person and that a rather “random” (meaning he definitely is a nobody aswell as the other Lifes if you just kill any Person) is Sick- minded. A life is more worth then money. Imagine just leaving and suddenly your life ends…

  4. No, what if you end up killing your future partner, or best friend for wealth? I don’t know about anyone else but I wouldn’t be able to use it for anything after that.

  5. Sure. Because somewhere there is an old person who is ready to leave this life but their body just won’t cooperate.

    Now you said random.., like I don’t get to choose. If the person was young and healthy, the answer is no.

  6. No. Chances are, the person has someone that loves them. Maybe its their parents. Chances are they might have a wife or husband, maybe children, or maybe its their pet doggo that waits for them to come home every day. By killing one, you cause pain to so many others.

  7. no,
    all life is sacred – even though the earth is overpopulated and it would only benefit the rest of humanity if 25% of all humans die.

    it is not, and should not be, up to me whether a random person dies or not.
    I do not want that type of power over another person, nor would I want anyone else to have such power

  8. Oh my god, yes. Do you realize how much good I could do in the world with $10B?? Factor that against the reality that random people are going to die literally every day regardless. Plus, since it’s random there’s always the chance that it’s some asshole who deserved it anyways.

  9. I’ll press it 7.753 billion times. Then I’ll burn the money for heat as nothing will work anymore and to fend off the bambizzis that get a chance to evolve into earth’s next overlords.

  10. Life isn’t precious. We are the same bags of decaying organic matter as deer, squirrel, and Swedish. Your perception of events is what matters. So you happened to push a button that killed 1 person: brian aneurisms do that to dozens a day. You get money from someone else’s non-suffering demise. I ate chicken yesterday that had to be killed. Even if you made it that I knew, saw, and watched the aftermath of the death and it’s effect on his loved ones I’d still do it. It would take me a million lifetimes to get to one billion dollars. My children’s children would not need material things. I could fund bike lanes in my city, get every rape kit in backlog tested, and encourage societal improvements like solar panels for residential homes in my local area. I could fix all my physical pains, travel the world, pursue interests, and try to live the “Star Trek the Next Generation” future-type life with a goal of self improvement. I could fund a decade of 20 graffiti cleaning crews and 20 litter/dumping cleaning crews. I could put smart boards in every classroom and go to the local university and promise I’d pay for the best and brightest to be teachers for their education so they have zero debt. I’d then pay for therapy for existing teachers, home loan forgiveness, and any other research-science based improvement to their lives. I’d fund every best practice pilot previously proven in another city. I’d buy abandon homes, demolish the blight, then turn the lots to green space, then fund the maintenance of the green space. I’d still have money for a nice commuter bike, a truck, a garage, and a time to pursue woodworking or some other interest. A billion goddamn dollars? I’d press it constantly until you told me the money was in my account.

  11. Absolutely not. Likely that life has others tied to it, children, a spouse, parents, siblings, friends, etc. Giving those people such grief, or potentially leaving those children without a mother or father, isn’t worth any amount of money.

  12. Of course! I’d press it just to tease Jeff Bezos that I was able to make 45 days of his paycheck in one second.

    I shit you not, Bezos makes 10 billion EVERY 45 days… Of course, he probably kills more than a person per 45 days with his work conditions.

  13. Absolutely positively yes, the chances of it being me are like hitting the PowerBall lottery, and quite frankly I don’t care much for humanity anymore, we’ve proven to be a bunch of adult babies, who cares if some rando dies.

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