Would you quit a job for mental health? Why or why not?

Would you quit a job for mental health? Why or why not?

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  1. That’s so tough cause realistically I care a lot about my mental health but at the same time it’s so much effort to find another position somewhere else and so much stress. So I guess I’d say no.

  2. Yes. Extra money ain’t worth shit if I wanna kill myself. If I can get another job that pays for my needs if not my wants while I look for a less toxic opportunity then that’s better than a place that’s ruining my mental health after a certain point

  3. I would ask myself, if my mental health billed me, how much would it bill me for? If the answer is higher than I’m making, I’d switch to a lower stress job

  4. I took early retirement, that reduced the amount of money I can receive from my pension, to get away from the douchebag who made my life miserable from the first time we met, 15 years ago, and the company’s “divide and conquer” management style.

  5. I quit because of both my mental and physical health. I felt like I was literally going to die. Thinking back now, I wish I would have gone to a doctor to see if I can get an excusal for work so I could get better while recovering. But I was getting no days off of work and when I attempted to ask for a day off I’d get scolded and harassed/bullied. So I had to leave.

  6. I recently quit a job recently because the females in the office were so childish I couldn’t stand working with them. I walked out and flew to Texas to stay with a friend same day. Came back and drove to Florida 2 days later. It was liberating and I have no regrets

  7. Would and have. I am unwilling to compromise precious moments of my life for a cause or environment I don’t believe in (unless absolutely necessary). I don’t slack; I work very hard at anything I do and if I leave, I work hard to find what’s right for me. I have done this more than once, and have never once regretted my decision, or been led in the wrong direction. Even if there was a brief adjustment

  8. Absolutely. Did it and it is worth it. You don’t realize how bad you had it until you’ve had a little distance and you’re working somewhere new (and better).

  9. this is a tough question, but under the right circumstances i would.

    if my management was poor or i had shit coworkers are the only two ways i could see myself quitting from one job.

    My career is very mentally taxing, as i take on the emotions of others and offer advice. I think even as time wore me down, i’d have to keep going.

    I want to support my family the best i can. by working in my career, i am actively doing that. I’d keep going with them in mind, nobody else

  10. I did because I was apparently getting to the point where a friend got concerned when he saw the locked roof access door unlocked.

    Between that, the rest of my life falling apart, and therapy becoming ‘mental breakdown’ day I decided to control the one thing making me miserable (the rest were outside my control unfortunately) and quit.

    It was worth it

  11. I have, much to the dislike of a disgruntled supervisor. Screw that whole company, but I got my head back in the game. Your health is more important to you than making profit at the cost of it for some big-wig.

  12. I’ve done it; not “mental health” in the sense of a verified diagnosis, but simply because the place was wearing me down, and it was time to go.

    I’ve always kept a stake around just for this: living money for a fairly extended period of time. It means you can just leave when it becomes painful just even to keep showing up.

    That was some years ago, and I’ve always had a few bucks. Not everybody’s so fortunate. I did stay at my last job before retirement longer than I was happy with it; but that’s because I was homing in on retirement. It also helped that management wasn’t actively evil; the work just sucked. Too much to do and not enough to do it with; you were snowed under forever.

  13. Absolutely, although it can help to get to a certain point or goal and quit on your terms. Or just walk away.
    General employment is at an all time high and it’s a good time to find another job with better conditions and pay

  14. It depends on how bad it is affecting my mental health. If it’s not too bad I would start looking for another job first.

    If it’s bad I would make sure to have at least a couple of months worth of savings so I could quit and find another job.

    If it’s really that bad I would quit as soon as possible.

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