Would you quit working forever if you won 50 million dollars? Why or why not?

Would you quit working forever if you won 50 million dollars? Why or why not?

What do you think?


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  1. i’d do something fullfilling which truly is fun for me.

    like creating a home for homeless animals and look up after them.

    i guess you could say thats also work, but it doesn’t generate any income. doesn’t have to anyway, assuming i get 50 mil…

  2. Yeah. That’s plenty to live a upper middle class life on while also having plenty left for a Roth IRA and other investments to have really excellent growth. The biggest hassle would be getting around taxes

  3. I would never work for anyone else ever again. I would invest more into my hobbies and monetize them, and I’d donate most, if not all, of the profit I earn from it.

  4. I would quit at $1.2M NW as it is my FIRE goal.

    I would not quit working for myself, but I would quit taking orders from others and do what I wanted to do for myself and still keep a regular 8 hr work day and plan it, etc, but work on personal projects all the time and travel a lot more.

    Fingers crossed for 2032 but with 2022, its more like 2034 now :/

  5. I need to do something to keep the money going, I wouldn’t want to spend it all recklessly and having a lot of free time means having more expenses too. And I’m actually ok with working a few hours everyday (like 4 hours).

    So I’d hire someone to help me manage my money. Maybe start some businesess and manage some of them myself, or just being the owner and getting some revenue every month, I don’t care.

  6. 50 million dollars would allow you to own your time where you aren’t working to live. You can quit working in the sense of working a day job. Although, you can keep “working” by doing things that you enjoy and love.

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