Would you rather travel forward in time 100 years or backwards? Why?

Would you rather travel forward in time 100 years or backwards? Why?

What do you think?


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  1. Backwards.

    100 years from now, I’d be woefully out of place, with knowledge that would barely be useful in that time.

    100 years ago? I have knowledge that would be placed at a premium. And I know where to be and not be, and when. What to invest in, not invest in, and when to be out of the stock market completely (hint: October, 1929).

    The clothing would be really uncomfortably, unfortunately.

  2. Q: is it a 1-way trip?

    Because if it is, I’m not sure I’d go forward… as who knows what the hell is going to happen.

    If I can come back, then yes forward… to take a look.

  3. If I go forward 100 years, I’ll probably be killed in minutes by diseases my immune system can’t defend against.

    If I go backward 100 years, I’ll probably wipe out the whole world with diseases I’ve brought back and that their immune systems can’t defend against.

  4. Forward. I know how the twenties ended and frankly I’d rather not go through Any of that.

    100 years in the future I’m probably past the initially stages of the cluster fuck we’re headed towards and people have learned to adapt. It might mean joining the cast of Dune 2 Electric Boogaloo or Water World minus the gills, but if I’m going to die anyhow, why not go out in search of new mysteries rather than just old legacies.

  5. As Louis C.K. says, as a white man I can go back to any time in the past and be welcome, but forward, no thank you, who knows when the white people have to pay for all the shit we did. So it’s 1922 for me.

  6. Backwards.

    I don’t trust how the forwards will turn out. Backwards I know the history, I also know the market and what to invest in, stuff along those lines.

    Forwards might have issues with climate change, super-mecha-covid, WW3, robot/AI domination, or whatever the fuck.

    Also, I know the culture of 100 years ago well enough that I could make slip into that world. The culture of 100 years into the future will be unknown and quite alien to me. That may cause major depression and loneliness if I can’t make that adjustment.

  7. I often think of how I’d love to go back in time just to have a pint in my local pub. Don’t know why, it just takes my fancy. It has been there since the 17th century so I’d like to jump back 50 years at a time. I’d like to taste the ale and listen to the conversation. I bet the dialects would be beautiful.

  8. Backwards for me. First off I would be able to be filthy rich which is cool! Next I dont understand why people say they wouldn’t go back because things where shitty? If you know the mistakes we’ve made before they happen you can make a difference. You would be a prophet of sorts. May be hard to get folks to listen but atleast worth a try!

  9. 100 years backwards. I always feel like I was born too late and have a feeling of nostalgia for eras I’ve never experienced. And I feel like it was easier to actually experience and live life back then and enjoy it for what it was.

    Plus, the world will be a right mess in 100 years time.

  10. Backwards

    Given how the 1920s were, I could open huge gigantic lines of credit everywhere. Then I could try to figure out ways to by gold and prepare for the Great Depression. Credit fraud would be really easy to pull off 100 years ago.

  11. If I could go back 100 years and return, I would totally go back 100 years. Plan is to make a killing on the stock market, and bury a bunch of 20 doollar gold pieces in my basement. Plus chicago in the 1920’s should be fun

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