Would you watch a show in which a Billionaire CEO is forced to live on his or her lowest-paid employee’s wage for a month, with no other resources beyond the employee’s? What do you think would happen if this happened?

Would you watch a show in which a Billionaire CEO is forced to live on his or her lowest-paid employee’s wage for a month, with no other resources beyond the employee’s? What do you think would happen if this happened?

What do you think?

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  1. Its very easy to have no money when you know that you will be wealthy again so its fairly pointless. The true pain of being poor is that there never seems to be an escape from the situation.

  2. Nothing. They live on peanut butter and water and just chill for a month, come out the other end saying “see, it’s not hard” as they bop back onto their private jet.

  3. The CEO would stick it out, knowing there’s a definite end in sight, and at the end of the month would pretend to have some new insight into their employees’ lives and throw a pizza party, but not actually provide living wages or reliable hours and any time anyone complained about this would say, “I did it too, it’s not so hard,” as if the CEO had spent a lifetime like that and not just a month.

    Nah, let the CEO have their old job back when they manage to re-accrue their wealth in that low-paying job through the superhuman work ethic we’re told they have.

  4. Not really into reality TV, but it’s an interesting premise and I’m sure there’s already something like this on British TV. But I wouldn’t watch it.

    I’d rather see a TV reality show where they took a Flat-Earther on a journey around the Earth. Like to the South Pole to see 24 hour sunlight during the Southern Hemisphere summer. And eventually, they get strapped into one of Elon Musk’s rockets and shot up to the space station.

    Think about it. The Soviets put a billionaire on the Space Station for a price that was MUCH lower than a modest summer time film’s budget. So, for the same budget as a film, you could have a highly entertaining series that culminates with one of those fruit loops being in Zero G/Freefall for a week and being able to see the Earth as a sphere.

    That would be great.

  5. A month is not enough to understand that lowest paid employee’s reality.

    Nothing good would come out of it honestly.

    There was a UK youtuber who tried one of those stupid challenges “living on 1 pound a day” or sth like that. He was incredibly out of touch and unaware of other people’s realities and thought he accomplished the goal. It’s a good example how it would go .

  6. A month is really not enough.

    A lot of these low wage employees do OK… until some unexpected crisis hits (injury, disease, legal, etc…).

    One month of “roughing it” means nothing.

  7. If it was an ’employee’ in the lowest of the low foreign suppliers’ suppliers jobs. In a child-labor sweatshop in a slum in India maybe? Or a toxic shop in a polluted Chinese factory city?

    If it was real, instead of ‘reality TV’? I think the billionaire CEO would die on camera.

  8. I feel like that would just be impossible to pull off successfully, plus the billionaire would still know that at the end of their month they get to go back to their old lifestyle again. That’s not what people who live like that get to do.

  9. No, because I think role-switching scenarios like this miss the real point of being poor. It’s not about having to live on nothing for a month. Knowing that it’s only a month makes the whole experience exponentially easier. What really kills about being poor is feeling like you’re going to be trapped in this cycle of desperation for the next 40 or 50 years. Cosplaying poor doesn’t make rich people get what it’s like to be poor. If anything it just provides them with a false sense that they understand.

  10. They’ll get right back to being stupid rich in a month and will just give their employees a bonus while doing nothing more but claiming to truly understand the working class

  11. Yes, but it has to be more than a month and there has to be some “Lose” condition in which they lose the majority of their fortune. Otherwise it’s just watching some rich asshole be hungry and cold for a month before he goes back to being a comfortably living rich asshole. It’s different when you know that this isn’t just a one month thing, you can’t just use up what you have and run out the clock.

  12. Nothing. People want to believe it would cause some sysmic shift, it probably wouldn’t. To make it in business you need to understand that there will be people at the bottom and things are probably going to suck for them. But your goal is the top so you have to put that to the side and focus on what you need to do to get there and stay there.

  13. Only if they actually have to spend time with their lowest paid employee(s) and look them in the face as they struggle to pay bills and feed their kids.

  14. No. He would go back to business as usual after having his cute little poverty vacation and pretend people don’t have to spend their lives like that with zero safety nets.

  15. No, cause I know it would all be fake and stupid. This billionaire can pretend to have no money, but he also knows that when this ends I am still a billionaire so who cares. It would be the most pointless show ever.

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