You are a billionaire for a day. What do you do?

You are a billionaire for a day. What do you do?

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  1. Sleep in. Have some cereal. Take a shower. Call my Mom and tell her I’m a billionaire. She’ll hang up, call my sister and cry. “How did he turn out like this?” I’ll go down to the Billionaire’s Country Club and ask for a big padded chair. I’ll get a snifter of brandy and a cigar, maybe buy a Senator for waaaay too little money. I’ll pick up the Financial section and pretend to understand it. I’ll set it back down. “You don’t lose if you don’t sell.” That’s what I’ll say to the geezer next to me. He’ll nod in agreement. After that I’ll had over to the Taco Wagon for a chimichanga, set up a foundation and by 9pm donate all of it to something doing good. I don’t need all of that.

  2. Spend everything on very expensive things… then after the day is over I sell everything so I can have all the money back. Now I’m billionaire for the rest of my life and not just for one day

  3. One day?

    Fuck idk I don’t think you can even move money of that magnitude around in a day. It’s all in assets that aren’t liquid on those time scales.

    But assuming that’s not an issue?

    I’m going to my high school graduating class and wiping all their debts. Then I’m working backwards to anyone who overlapped with me while I was in high school and doing them as well. I’m getting my friends and family taken care of too. Then I’m putting the rest into an impact investing firm and telling them to operate at a loss in order to fund as many entrepreneurs from my home town as possible; room for error is important when trying to start businesses and I can provide it.

  4. Book a shit tonne of trips and pay them off instantly. Then when I return to regular life, I’ll have them paid and some adventures to look forward to.

  5. Give ten million to each family member, 20 to our war veterans, pay off my debts, refurbish my home, new furniture and such. Get a friend for my cat possibly and… after that do spontaneous silly stuff.

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