You are not allowed to leave your home until you have read every unread book you own – how long are you stuck for?

You are not allowed to leave your home until you have read every unread book you own – how long are you stuck for?

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  1. Months, perhaps years.

    If I spot something good at a Friends of the Library book sale or a charity shop, I usually pick it up even if I have no intention of immediately reading it because I’ll likely never see it that cheap again. The most expensive thing I’ve ever bought at a FotL book sale was still only $5: an absolutely pristine hardcover omnibus edition of *The Cairo Trilogy* by Naguib Mahfouz (the list price for a new copy is $40). The same thing holds for the dollar sidewalk sales of our neighborhood used book store.

    I also like having a large library of unread books to select from so that I can pick whatever suits my mood of the moment. A couple of years ago, for example, I started reading *The Honourable Schoolboy* by John le Carré, but genre fiction isn’t really my thing (even though I’ve enjoyed some of le Carré’s other books like *Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy* and *The Spy Who Came in from the Cold*) and about two-thirds of the way through I was tired of the cloak-and-dagger stuff and just wanted to read stories of ordinary people living their lives. So I rummaged around my unread books and came up with *Dear Life: Stories* by Alice Munro, which turned out to be the best new-to-me thing I’d read in 2020.

  2. Mmm not too long. Maybe a couple of months.

    Now if it was just “read all the books in your house”…I’d say a few years. More probably. Doing that full time.

  3. Accounting for sleeping time and other normal breaks, maybe 10 years. I have *a lot* of books. If you include all my unread e-books, then it’s probably several lifetimes.

  4. At least 6 months, possibly up to a year. I have hundreds of books, some mine, some my husband’s and a few that my kid left when they moved out. Of my own books I think I have less than 10 that I haven’t read yet but if I had to read every book in this house that I haven’t read then it would take a lot of time.

  5. I can’t leave my house anyways.
    But less than a day.
    I have a book and a half and I could read them both until the end in an hour if I tried.
    I’ve read all my other books countless times, and I’d do it again.

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