You are placed into a high fantasy universe with adventurers, taverns, guilds, quests, etc. However, you have no capabilities to be an adventurer so you decided to use your knowledge of modern marketing to dominate the tavern, blacksmithing, and other retail industries. What do you do?

You are placed into a high fantasy universe with adventurers, taverns, guilds, quests, etc. However, you have no capabilities to be an adventurer so you decided to use your knowledge of modern marketing to dominate the tavern, blacksmithing, and other retail industries. What do you do?

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  1. The problem with most high fantasy settings is that people take some parts of modern society for granted: namely logistics, industrial production and communication. Fantasy worlds tend to use magic to explain away these inconveniences in order to create a more familiar setting for the writer/DM to operate in. In reality, the ability to move things and information across large distances was a prime limiter of pre-modern era development.

    So if you could magic away these inconveniences, there are many ways you could recreate bits of the system of international trade and marketing with magic. For example,

    1. If you could ship things instantly, you could sell perishables and highly valuable cargo with minimum transport risk. Spices were so expensive in Medieval Europe precisely because you had to undergo pass-the-parcel trade where your spice would be taxed at every nation between South East Asia and Europe, and even in the age of deep water navigation, there was significant risk to putting your stuff in the open seas. If the cost of teleportation did not increase with weight and bulk, the amount of cost savings you could get moving tons of basic foodstuff to landlocked areas (land transport is 10 times the cost of sea transport), and therefore your margin, would be huge.

    2. Information dissemination is huge. If a war was declared in the Ottoman Empire, it took weeks just to get the message to Austria, just across the border. Being able to receive just regular gossip daily would slash your your time-to-market compared to merchants not paying attention. If a drought hits one province, it might be weeks before anybody in a place with plentiful food can do anything about it, but if you have people on the ground, you could react and ship food over immediately and sell at an inflated price.

    3. Gossip and advertising. Humans are wired to be information hungry. We want to know what’s going on because it’s evolutionarily advantageous to do so. If you had a bunch of wizards around the known world, just the ability to send information of salacious news would be a huge market. You could create yellow journalism and sensationalist rags centuries before our reality and ruin their culture 400 years in advance.

  2. Fail badly, because you have no local market knowledge and no experience in producing the goods and services appropriate to this world.

    Your competition is every other person who has grown up in this world and knows how it works but has no money. Between them they will have already tried every cunning scheme you can think of.

    Best bet? Knuckle down, try to get an apprenticeship through your literacy and numeracy, get into a steady career in a guild, start saving for your old age, hope the war doesn’t start in your lifetime.

  3. I’m assuming this is a more medieval type land, SO IM STARTING THE FIRST MAID CAFE, AND A SISTER LOCATION OF A CAT GIRL CAFE. GET FUCKED

  4. You can’t. Marketing relies on mass communications such as print, radio or television, which your world doesn’t have. Building a huge integrated corporation also requires logistics and finance, both of which I doubt your world has either (donkeys and a gold loan from the king don’t even scratch the surface).

  5. I’m defiantly implementing some sort of multi level marketing scheme. The great thing about multi level marketing schemes is that the same tricks never seem to get old. The product itself is largely irrelevant, so I would spend my time focusing on building relationships within villages with people who have good networks, and a healthy sense of self interest.

    Some form of essential oils would be great, There’d be no shortage of plagues, mystery illnesses, and with a lack of central medical authorities, I could really make all sorts of completely unfounded claims with limited consequences.

    As my resources grow, I’ll move from town to town, paying off druids, or other well placed members of the community that will be able to add credibility to my products.

    As my empire grows I’ll start outsourcing the ~~scam~~ scheme, cutting in people who have proved themselves as worthy salespeople in their individual regions.

  6. Quit my job and become the comical sidekick of an adventurer. Preferably train to become more useful. The upside? In most cases I survive. The down side? In most cases I don’t end up with a love interest.

  7. Get alot of naked women to work for me. Pay bards to sing about this tavern.

    If that worked, I would open 5-10 more tavern in the kindom largest citys. With enought money I would build up a post office imperium with my logo.

  8. Become an adventuring mogel. I provide the best items, the best equipment and potions, spells and food, possible for adventurers. I destroy the economy by basically hitting refresh on it all, slowly but surely consuming every small shop and store into my corporation. Soon, adventurers flock to my business, their precious gold now mine to expand further with. A small tax on each store, just a little to boost my expansion, before the entire world becomes mine to sell!

    Come on down to Wolfy’s Wonder Warehouse! You need potions to save you from dragons? Armour to block a warhammer? Spells that can level evil wizards intent on destroying the world? WE GOT IT! Come on down, we’ll provide everything you need! Got a Bard who needs a chill pill? We can help! Are you a Bard who needs to turn a horde of monsters into an orgy of love and tenderness? You dirty bastard…. WE GOT WHAT YOU NEED! Any problem, any adventure, any class or race or apocalyptic scenario, we can fix you up with all the goods you need to work it!

    So come on down to WWW! We’ll make every quest… AN ADVENTURE!

  9. No, Isekai writer, find your own plot! But I would read “I was reincarneted into an fantasy world, but can’t become an adventurer, so I got rich”, tbh.

  10. I will firstly spread my ideology. Than, I will induce a military training system for students. After that, I will mass produce military equipment and finally…

    Surprise Blitzkrieg!

  11. Pay the alliance to set up a blockade and charge the horde to pass through. Then do the same thing the other way around in some other spot. I could be the Dick Cheney of Azaroth.

  12. Honestly, another person beat me to it but I genuinely think a Cat cafe would be a hit. I don’t think they really existed in medieval times and they are really popular places. A cat girl cafe is a good idea too, but I think that is A: assuming there are even cat girls and B: likely taken because sex sells has been around since ancient times

  13. I’m going to create a series of extremely rare items that are unique to each tavern location and sell them at exorbitant prices. If enough adventurers want 100% completion, they’re going to have to buy my shit.

    I’ll probably gamble all my profits away on Gwent though.

  14. Franchise. Build a chain of Taverns called “The golden Arches” that sell standardized food in every city for a reasonably low price.

    You want to get in on this? Use my name? Just pay a smallish fee and some percentages of your profit to me. Oh, and also only use materials and machines that are approved by me and my supply chain.

  15. Start a casino. Roulette, cards and dice are low tech enough to manufacture with the simple materials of the time and as we know, the house always wins.

    Hire some goons for security and eventually cut the king in on the profit in return for looking the other way when copy cats start popping up and their establishments mysteriously burn down, or the owners trip and fall out of a window onto several knives etc.

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