You can choose either to play every musical instrument, or speak every language fluently. Which do you choose, and why?

You can choose either to play every musical instrument, or speak every language fluently. Which do you choose, and why?

What do you think?

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  1. Speak every language, assuming that does mean EVERY language, aka not just every spoken language, but every other language as well. The dead languages, the dialects, sign language… every language out there.

    I don’t care much for making music, I much rather listen to it.

  2. Polyglot. Easy decision. I’ve always wanted to travel the world for extended periods and being able to speak the language would make the trips immensity more pleasant.

  3. I’d choose the musical instruments, because knowing every language would be overkill given the reality there’s only so many places I could practically visit.

    If I could play every instrument, I’d be able to indulge my creative nature with some technical skills and create entire compositions that anyone could listen too.

  4. Speak every language… Be able to go to any country I want and communicate with the locals would be so much more valuable than playing instruments

  5. Language. It would come in useful in my daily life. Imagine understanding what everyone was saying around you, being able to travel comfortably overseas, and watching any video or movie you wanted. Read books in their original language!

  6. Musical instrument. I’m already fluent in 3 languages, and can understand a bunch more, if say need directions or something. And I can’t play anything.

  7. Hmm, that’s a tough one. Both would allow me to severely defy expectations, but the music speaks to my love of showing off, however, the amount of knowledge and culture I could learn if language wasn’t a barrier anymore is hard to pass up. At that point, I’d be the closest our world is ever gonna get to having an Avatar.

    I’m gonna have to go with the language I think.

  8. Every language, easily. I love to read and the ability to speak and contextualize the nuances of other languages would help lead to an understanding of how to read other languages. Plus, what the fuck I could speak Latin without having to laboriously learn it because some knowledge of speaking it would ease that burden? Or possibly dead languages? Like, ones we can’t translate totally because we don’t understand them entirely? YES, PLEASE.

  9. Every language. I’m more interested in the ability to communicate with anyone in the world than I am in instruments. Only one I love enough to wanna play is the piano

  10. Every language. I’d love to be able to play every instrument, but speaking every language would be massively useful throughout basically every facet of my life.

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