You can infinitely duplicate any one item you currently own. What do you pick?

You can infinitely duplicate any one item you currently own. What do you pick?

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  1. The water in the glass next to me.

    The only people that it’s duplication would effect (corporations holding on to purified water) can go fuck themselves as it would inevitably gets devalued, but access to fresh drinking water is goddamn crucial for the worlds population.

    I’d settle down happily as “that magic guy who gave everyone water” and live out the rest of my days happy, until I’m inevitably killed by a religious extremist who thinks I used witchcraft to duplicate it, and explaining to him that it was all just a hypothetical Reddit comment won’t work.

  2. Question if it’s my dog, does the infinite duplication start from a definitive start point, because I’d just keep resurrecting my dog younger the rest of my life.

  3. Duplicating means to x2 the item right? I would say My bank account because x2 = A higher value and if i dont spent much i can x2 it again and get a even higher amount.

  4. Probably gasoline. Of the items I currently own right now. Free gas for life plus its lowkey a superpower cause i can essentially “duplicate” gas on things and then set them on fire.

  5. Do I own the energy in the wires in my house? Can I just be the source of infinite free energy? Save the world, end global warming, feed everyone with greenhouses, serve everyone with robots and warm everyone with heat pumps?

    . . . Can I somehow not be invaded by every country on earth or killed by oil and gas oligarchs?

    . . . maybe just my cat then.

  6. Tampons. The fact females have to pay to deal with something that happens to them every month because of the way they were born whilst getting paid less on average than males is just not fair.

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