You have a clone now, what would you two do?

You have a clone now, what would you two do?

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  1. Not a lot really. Couldn’t pull off any magic shows or stunts to make money, as people would just think we’re twins. If we split work then the clone would still have its own expenses, food, their own space etc.

    Also they might decide to go off and make their own life. But then what if they commit a crime? Try and frame me? I’d have to do it first.

    … After much thought I think I’d just start killing

  2. Clone, clone of my own

    With its Y chromosome changed to an X

    And when I’m alone

    With my own special clone

    All we will think of is sex

    Isaac Azimov.

  3. I found her a job, so I will have income from my workplace and the clones workplace.
    She would go places where I need – but don’t want to go.
    But she will live somewhere else because she would creep the fuck out of me.

  4. Spend a day a day together. Make carnitas and listen to some nice music. Drink a few too many beers before the dinner is ready. Eat a little too much and spend the last hours of sunset outside smoking cigarettes and drinking the last of the beer and head inside at 3 am and go to bed. And then send that clone on his/her way. It’s its own person, they know where I live if they wanna hang.

  5. Okay, Clone, There’s a bunch of e-mails to answer, two more meetings to attend, and don’t forget to clock out of the system at about 5:30pm today.

    I’ll be down in the practice room jamming for an hour or so, then I’m going to jump in the pool, and then mix up some cocktails We’ll meet up at 6pm, OK?

  6. Is everyone knows that i have a clone?But anyway if people dont know will switch everyday from work/slack off so me and clone will be happy.The only problem that i need yo feed him,but i will pay for his food,no problem

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