You have the ability to create a new season, what would it be like?

You have the ability to create a new season, what would it be like?

What do you think?

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  1. I kind of fundamentally disagree with the question, there’s the weather on the way to summer and the weather on the way to winter… there’s only 2 ways temparature can go, so we make one season for each extreme, and then a season being on the way about halfway to each extreme

    I guess I’d want a 5th season where it rains non newtonian fluid everywhere and we all walk on it and stuff

  2. Slow tornado rainbow mist month
    Like a warmer spring but with random 200 ft tall rainbow colored tornados that prance around everywhere where there only effect is a light misting of water, i e., as damaging as a sprinkler.

  3. I’d call it “Peace Season”, where the weather is perfect. There are snows days when you need them, but besides that the days are not hot to where it burns, but not cold like winter. The nights are cool with soft winds that make it perfect for a walk on the beach. Later on (around Midnight) it rains, the sound of water hitting the surface luring you to sleep.

  4. Highest temperature of 29 but usually not over 27. Lowest of 15 but usually not under 17.

    Most days are sunny, with storms during or right after the hottest days. 2 out of 5 days are a bit windy, specially during the afternoon and evening.

    It’s like spring and summer combined.

  5. It would start where the Serenity film left off and show Simon Tam waking up the morning after Objects in Space to realize the entire film was just a bad dream based on his limited and slightly flawed knowledge of Reavers.

  6. I’d love a season with heavy winter storms. Heavy rain lightning and thunder massive surf swells, etc… but will moderate summer temperatures, and zero humidity.

    Walking around in a storm, splashing in puddles, but it’s perfect swimming temperature, so it feels refreshing!

    I love feeling the power of nature, but I freeze my butt of when I go out in storms 🙂

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