You have the power to fix ONE of humanity’s problems (i.e. corruption, world hunger, prejudice, climate change etc..) What do you fix and why?

You have the power to fix ONE of humanity’s problems (i.e. corruption, world hunger, prejudice, climate change etc..) What do you fix and why?

What do you think?


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  1. Prejudice or world hunger… the two things that keep humanity from human happiness…

    Climate change would be third. These are all important though. It all comes down to a lack of empathy and love for eachother.

  2. I think I would like to solve the problem of education in many countries. Because in many countries people do not get a good education and cannot solve the problems of mankind. Now imagine that 2 billion people received the best education. These people could solve many problems. If anyone is interested, watch the performances of Jacque Fresco, he talks a lot about this and a lot of interesting things!👍

  3. More could be done, but it’s not so easy. Distribution, storage, and preservation are not easy problems to solve. The logistics of such an operation would be huge, the chance for fraud is high, and the infrastructure in places that need help the most is lacking, to say the least. It’s not just food and homes–you need workers, construction materials, maintenance on homes, vehicles, roads, military protection in some areas, etc. The cost would be astronomical. How do you ensure people stay in the homes and how do you ensure the homes are still livable after time passes, or do you just dump people in a home and call it a day? Do you force people to work to pay for it? Then you have to worry about corruption in some countries. Do you distribute food and materials to governments and let them handle it from there, can they be trusted? Do you try and organize it all yourself? When you don’t see improvements in one area, do you have the authority to step in? Are there other roadblocks you haven’t thought of? Could you truly plan for everything that could happen?

    Unfortunately, not all world leaders are on the same page. And the problems you’d face in each country are different. What happens when you try and house a strong-willed group of people that refuse? Do you try and meet the dietary and religious needs of every person on earth?

  4. Since you said “etc.” I’l go with one problem of my choosing. This problem is called Russia.

    Russia. That’s right. This is the planet’s single biggest problem right now.

    How do I fix it? Dunno, perhaps best by un-brainwashing the population there, so that they truly see the horror their country has been unleashing. And not just in the last 7 months. No, that shit goes much further back.

    Changing their current leader won’t mean much. Another, similar, if not worse, will immediately replace him. Only Russians can choose to not be a problem, but that requires a majority of them actually recognizing that. As long as they stay apathetic to or pro their regime, nothing can ever change there. They themselves have to do that.

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