You have unlimited funding to create a video game, what game are you creating?

You have unlimited funding to create a video game, what game are you creating?

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  1. Pokemon Xenoball / Zenoball Fleet!

    An adult pokemon horror game where a strange DNA altering disease is brought back from space that allows every combination of pokemon to interbreed based on their evolution tiers to create entirely new pokemon! Unfortunately, it is also making humans sick if they are bitten or scratched by infected pokemon. Professor Ash, Earth’s foremost Pokemon expert, believes the answers lie in space and you have to catch a percentage of all known pokemon to piece together all the DNA clues as you hop from planet to planet, space stations, asteroid mines, etc. But in space even more unknown pokemon await! Instead of battling other trainers, you team up with them and recruit a strike force to Catch ’em all!

  2. I have 5 nominally mature video games already plotted out, including in-game mechanics, level design philosophies, and broad story lines.

    Most of them are RPGs, though there’s two which are platformers that steal heavily from Megaman X and Metalstorm.

    And that’s as much as I’ll ever say publicly about them because I have every intention to shop them around or have them designed independently at some point.

    Edit: One I can talk about, because I’ll never be involved with it at all, is I’d love to see a Ninja Turtles game in a GTA style setting. It would take place in an open world NYC, and include martial arts combos and moves you could learn through the course of the game. There would be a day/night – shadow/light system at work so that if you were spotted out in the streets during the day it would elicit a response from police, so you’d have to stick to rooftops and shadowy allies unless it was night. There would also be a dynamic crime system where in you encounter criminal activity randomly now and then with graduated difficulty ranging from simple street muggings, to organized criminal activity knocking over stores and banks. The higher difficulties would include members of the foot clan and have difficult iconic sub bosses like Bebop and Rocksteady leading them. You could chose to stop the crime, which would improve your rating in a karma system, or ignore it which would hurt your rating. The higher your rating, the less reactionary the citizens/police are if you get spotted during the day. Of course, there would be an extensive sewer system to surf on your cheapskate under the streets, too, including the turtle den and Rat King’s layer. And this is all just the nuts and bolts of the open world, free roam game. There would, of course, be a mission-based storyline to work your way through, but it needs to take place in a living, dynamic world that lets you do the things the ninja turtles would be doing on any random day. The object is not to play as a ninja turtle, but to _be_ a ninja turtle, in their world.

    As you can see, the game is so ambitious it’s almost undoable. The production costs would be astronomical. But it would be a great time if you got the right team to do it. I’d honestly love to see Rockstar take a crack at it. Hell, they could almost reuse the GTAIV map assets.

  3. Some kinda open-world JRPG with character-creation. Except, instead of it being a “hero of destiny vs evil Demon Lord” thing (like a good bit of Dragon Quest games), make it more nuanced, and don’t make either the humans or demons totally good or evil. Like, go SMT with this with multiple endings depending on choices between absolutes. What if I think the humans are bad, or just these specific ones? What if I just want coexistence, or to rule everything myself? And absolutely let my character be a handsome muscly-man with a spear. Or just these hands.

    Alternatively, an open-world DBZ game, with character creation and an original story. An original story that doesn’t involve much of the regular DBZ story, just one that mostly shares the same kinda world and elements. Less Xenoverse, more Ultimate Tenkaichi (and that’s probably the *only* time you’re allowed to say that, and even then I think I’d prefer a *bit more* original a story with original characters).

    Or, how about Persona: Strange Journey? Just remake SMT Strange Journey with Persona elements (and the Press Turn system). It’d just be fun, is what’d be.

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