You now own disney, what is the first thing you do?

You now own disney, what is the first thing you do?

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  1. 1. Bring back Oswald the Lucky Rabbit as part of the core Mickey Mouse crew.
    2. Bring Kingdom Hearts to the Disney parks
    3. Pull our licenses from all the video game companies and license them out to studios with good track records with stipulations that as long as they continue making high reviewing games, they can continue using the license
    4. Revive ToonTown Online

  2. Order the next star wars trilogy based on resurrecting Kylo. Third film have it turn out palpatine been pulling the strings the entire time. He survived because at the last few seconds of his life he actually uploaded his consciousness to a computer. Hes now intent on taking over the galaxy via uploading and duplicating himself to every piece of electronical gear

    Along side all of this, I’d have prebought a safe house in secret and loaded it up with supplies and pop corn to watch the rage unfold

  3. Use all that money and power to lobby to swap copyright back to lasting 20 years after publication, renewable once. Then break up the company because monopolies are bad.

  4. Delete all the new star wars movies from everywhere (everything but the OG 6 and I guess solo and rouge one can stay cus they’re actually good) and ban all remakes so people actually have to be creative again and make good movies instead of half baked copies of old classics.

    Oh yea and of course the mandolorian stays.

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