You suddenly wake up a Billionaire. What do you do?

You suddenly wake up a Billionaire. What do you do?

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  1. Pay back parents and get new fitted clothes. Set up a fund for kids, grandkids and great grandkids for college. Save up all the money I’d want to ever have and spend. Rest of my time after that (which I assume might take a week or so) I’d have no job so prolly do what I do every weekend and do service (habitat for humanity, spending time at the local charity thrift shop, canned food drives etc.) Otherwise, take time to go through college (engineering/management/law) and go out to bars meeting chicks every so often. A lot of extra will go to philanthropy or saved for people who would otherwise not be able to afford shit they need. Not all though, I’m not perfect, I’d use money I have (responsibly).

  2. Find a few really good lawyers and financial advisors to keep me on the straight and narrow.

    I would make so many mistakes so fast.

    The first mistake will be choosing a lawyer who gets me into legal problems, and a financial advisor who robs me blind.

  3. Not tell anyone. Quietly pay off my parents’ debt, give them some money to live off of so they can travel, give some to my sisters, pay off my college, give some to my closest friends and extended family, and not say a thing. If anybody asks, we saved money

  4. End world hunger and get homes for the unhoused (easier said than done with climate change and wars, etc). But since I’m in the US, I’d revamp all the public school buildings with proper HVAC and A/V and provide breakfast and lunch for ALL kids at NO cost to them. If there’s anything leftover, I would put the rest in a trust to provide funding for free mental health and family counseling for all school-ages kids and their families.

  5. Reform an emerging African nation like Kenya and place it on the world stage earning a trillion in the process and repeat across Africa. Resulting in a developed Africa, and me becoming the first quadrillionaire. Then probably tackle human mortality with it.

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