You wake up and you’re 10 years old again. You remember everything up to 2022, but nobody else does. What is the first thing you do as 10 year old you?

You wake up and you’re 10 years old again. You remember everything up to 2022, but nobody else does. What is the first thing you do as 10 year old you?

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  1. Buy bitcoins as soon as they are created. Not that many, because it would probably affect how they will gross up in the future, but enough to not worry about money ever again

  2. It will be 1987

    start off with a long talk with my parents about how we are about to become insanely wealthy but I will need to prove it to them, so I ask them to trust me with a $10 a week allowance that goes into a savings account for the next 2 years to build up a little nest egg for me to prove it to them

    i would have roughly $1000 saved by February 1990

    I will tell my parents to wager all of my savings on Buster Douglas to knock out Mike Tyson, at 37-1 odds, that would result in a 37,000 win

    From there, I bet the Dallas Cowboys to win 3 of the next 4 Super Bowls in 1993, 1994, and 1996.

    I bet the St Lous Rams to win the Super Bowl in 1999.

    All of these are easy for me to remember and will result in hundreds of billions of dollars in winnings

    Easy life.

  3. Be more active and lose some weight.

    You are more than your grades and how useful you are to others.

    Be bold; fuck what anyone else thinks. You wasted too much time on this the first time around.

  4. Tell my bio mom I want to live with dad because she was the worst person to ever walk this earth she never cared about us only if it benefited her

  5. Not be so uptight. I was a wound up, insecure kid who didn’t take teasing well because of my insecurities, which likely had prolonged my own misery a portion of the time, including slipping into some harmful habits. Maybe add some more satisfaction and tell bullies I had to fuck off.

  6. Go to school I guess while silently wondering what the hell.

    Then ace all my tests and come out within a week.

    Then later use what I know of the future for my benefit.

  7. Easy. It would be 2001.I would write everything I could remember down. If I started to forget stuff I would have it written down.

    I would write down major sporting events I know about, what stocks to invest in when I could, Major world events I remember, I would make sure to write down the dates two of my very close friends died so I can do my best to prevent that from happening.

    Would also of course write down to buy things that go up in value a lot…like Pokemon cards and bitcoin when that time comes.

  8. First I’d probably just enjoy being a kid for a day, run around and go climb trees and build dams and stuff, then after a couple of days of that I’d Invest my savings account (or get my Dad to anyway!)

  9. Stay friends with my then bestie and keep in touch with my other bestie that started to fade out after she moved. And NOT make friends with the two sisters that I shifted to instead.

  10. Report my parents to authorities because she’s going to kill herself and he’ll be watching because he never cared while me and my brothers all struggle for decades to become functional adults

  11. First hug my mom since she’s alive again, next grab a notebook and write down notes for my future self on every major money making idea I can recall, try to buy into Google and Apple, buy Halliburton since we hadn’t started the Iraq or Afghanistan wars yet for example. Yes bitcoin seems stupid and illegal but somehow it’s allowed to grow so buy in and save it up for a cash out much later in life. Tell my high school self to skip the long distance relationship and focus on people you can actually see more than like once every other month…. See if I can figure out how to beat those guys who invented 3D printing to the punch and make bank on “inventing” it, same for Crocs, fidget spinners, selfie sticks and any other stuff I can think of that took off and became really big

  12. Tell my dad I love him and want him to stay. He committed suicide a few months before I turned 11. Either that or live through the grief again, depending on what month this is.

  13. Well probably will use everything I have which I think is not that much and invest it into Bitcoins as soon as they come out and GME when the meme comes out too.

    After that just enjoy life since I wouldn’t have to worry anymore.

    Or maybe just play the lottery. There’s a lottery here in Europe called euromillon.

    The prize sometimes reaches absurd amounts of money

  14. I would go to some forums, say I’m from the future, list everything I know about the future, and then tell them the worlds going to end in 2020.

  15. Work super hard to earn enough money by lawn mowing, snow shoveling, and other jobs kids are allowed to have to take a GED exam, and when I get called a child genius, I just say that I really didn’t want to go to private school anymore.

    After that, since child labor won’t let me get a proper job, I suppose I take college-level classes early, work where I can to get money, and then make the appropriate investments.

    Oh yeah, and absolutely eat healthier so I don’t get as fat and next time I go to the doctor, bring a list of every genetic thing I have so I can be diagnosed earlier.

  16. Honestly. At ten I would become the greatest rapper ever. Dropping my first album”My beautiful dark twisted Fantasy” second album “nothing was the same” 🤣🤣

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