Your partner admits to be cheating on you, what do you do?

Your partner admits to be cheating on you, what do you do?

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  1. Thank them for the honesty, get a plan together to separate lives as amicably as possible, and when I leave I’d take every roll of toilet paper with except for the last little bit left on the roll. He doesn’t buy the toilet paper I do. And he wouldn’t think anything of there not being none, and I’d get to giggle cry over a tiny act of petty revenge and wipe my tears away with stolen toilet paper.

  2. I’d probably immediately cry but I’d ask questions, figure out what happened. There are very few reasons I’d stay together with him after he breaks my heart like that.

  3. My wife already talks to her ex more than me.
    Whatever I have epilepsy and stay with her because our 1 year old and 4 month old. Between, seizures, kids, work and life, who cares. Fuck her

  4. My partner and I have an open relationship, out little only two rules are make sure to stay clean and std free and to at least attempt to give a heads up.

    -both of us are bisexual males
    -Weve been together for nearly 6 years now

    cheating is a non factor

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