You’re granted a wish to solve one cold case mystery. What mystery do you want solved?

You’re granted a wish to solve one cold case mystery. What mystery do you want solved?

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  1. There was a girl my age who disappeared riding her bike home from a central NY church when I was a kid. Her name was Sara Ann Wood. It never got national attention like some of the other cases, but there was something about the story that haunted me at the time. The picture of her looked so much like she could have just been someone I went to school with.

    They never solved the case. At one point a guy confessed to killing her, but couldn’t provide correct details as to the location of her remains. Did he just forget where he left them, or was he not involved and just seeking notoriety?

    Every ten years or so she pops back into my mind, including from this thread just now, and I look up the news and see if anyone has mentioned the case, wondering if I’m the only person other than her family that still remembers her.

  2. Jack the Ripper comes to mind, but I’m pretty sure it was that butcher [they figured it was recently](, wasn’t it?

    I’ll go with the Kennedy assassination. This many conspiracy theories and [a Seinfeld parody]( later, it’s too interesting not to want to figure out.

  3. I don’t think it’s considered a cold case, but what’s been reported about the Barry and Honey Sherman murder investigation does not generate a lot of confidence in the police. It’s probably something mundane like a greedy relative or disgruntled business associate, but still a very strange case.

  4. The Springfield three. Absolutely baffled as to how 3 women go missing without a sign of any struggle other than a broken porch light. Add on that their personal belongings remained in the house and their cars parked outside it’s just one big mystery with no clue as to what actually happened

  5. Would I just know the answer or does this wish come with unassailable proof I can use to book some talk show gigs?

    Because if it’s just the answer, probably DB Cooper. But if I can get some proof I can peddle, I’ll go with Kurt Cobain (Gen Xers have some money).

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