You’re on death row and have to choose your last meal. What shall it be?

You’re on death row and have to choose your last meal. What shall it be?

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  1. Properly prepared duck.

    Every time I’ve had duck I found it underwhelming. It’s overcooked, it’s got shot in it, it was cooked by the whitest people on the planet and it has no seasoning, etc.

    I mean, it was nice of you to invite me to dinner, but the cost of your ammunition would’ve gotten you two nice, perfectly edible roasted chickens at the Food Mart.

    Yet here I am, as the recipient of your hunting prowess, eating three ounces of dry, bland meat and I’m chewing softly so I don’t break my teeth.

  2. I want to be able to cook my own meal. Cheeseburger with toppings and french fries with ketchup.

    If not, I’m going with a 3 egg bacon and cheese omelette and hash browns with diced onions and hot sauce.

    Oh and I’d definitely want a beer. Singha specifically

  3. The fattest steak with the biggest side of French fries, XL Chicken Pizza, bucket of KFC 3 litres of lemonade, tropical juice and kool aid, watermelon, A giant ass 3 layer chocolate cake, a giant bag of pick and mix, 5 jars of Nutella and a small salad. If I’m dying imma go out eating meal I’d be too afraid to eat any other time. But if I dont die RIP my health .

  4. Crispy teriyaki chicken covered in rice and kewpie mayo, accompanied by a lemon and a lot of seasoning, with a side of a bunch of coconut chocolate along with an entire pitaya!

  5. Its crazy that you did a crime so bad the Justice system is willing to kill you, but hey they’ll give you a meal of your choice before you die. Meanwhile a normal citizen who has become ill and Is at the hospital about to die gets hospital food which consists of a box milk, asparagus in a zip lock bag, a piece of beef they call steak that’s been frozen for 4 years and gravy that looks like something the nurse cleans out of your poop bucket.

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