YouTube feels so dead lately… what are some good binge worthy channels to watch, that not a lot of people know about?

YouTube feels so dead lately… what are some good binge worthy channels to watch, that not a lot of people know about?

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  1. The Amberverse is hard to escape from. Her actual channel is in its death rattle now. Most people (myself included) refuse to give her views.

    Then there’s Chantal…..

  2. Preface: I do not play Rust, I do not play DayZ — I know nothing about them or the game-play, the mechanics, etc.. I have no idea how I stumbled into this content last week, but it’s been a fantastic ride.

    This guy (Nezar) makes *extremely entertaining* videos. (Some are over 1 hour long and you’ll be engrossed like you are watching an actual movie.)

    Here’s an example:

  3. FilmJoy – A criminally under-seen channel about *enjoying* movies and positive film analysis.

    Linfamy – Japanese history as explained by a Chinese guy with a weird sense of humor. Lots of sex discussion.

    Technology Connections – POV: you’ve just spent 45 minutes watching a video about how a toaster works and it’s the most interesting thing you’ll see all day.

    Tasting History With Max Miller – Historical cooking recreations by a man with ridiculously beautiful eyes.

    Get Off My Lawn – “The Random DOS Game Show, where random DOS games are played” as presented by a quaint older British chap.

    Religion For Breakfast – World religions and philosophies from a sociological / historical perspective.

    Clint’s Reptiles – Learn how to care for exotic animals you’d love to imagine owning but never ever would.

    Jill Bearup – Movie fight choreography analysis with an emphasis on character and storytelling.

    Vat19 – Self-promotional videos selling novelty toys really shouldn’t be this entertaining.

    Jeremy Parish / Video Works – One man’s quixotic quest to document the history of every single game ever made for the Gameboy. And the NES. And more.

    Musical Hell – Snarky reviews of bad musicals from a demoness.

    UnemployedWineGuy – An unemployed, possibly homeless ex-sommelier drinks swill while giving off borderline suicidal vibes. Nobody knows how much of it is an act.

    Octolab TV – Cute little octopuses conduct subtle psychological tests on their owners. Or maybe the other way around.

  4. My favorite skit channels are Fairbairn Films, RDCWorld1, CalebCity, Zach Star Himself, Julie Nolke, and ProZD.

    My favorite streamer/reaction channels are PewDiePie, Penguinz0, Mrnigelng.

  5. I like to get really baked and watch dudes restore a vending machine from the 1950s or something. It’s soothing to watch something forgotten come back to life

  6. Good Good and all their sub channels. Don’t even play golf but all of them are just fun to watch. The competition the different ways they play and they are pretty good at the game also.

  7. DokaRyan- the guy puts weird things in alcohol and taste reviews them in shorts format. Great energy and quite likable.
    History Dose- combines great suspenseful storytelling with stunning artwork or visuals about the the historical settings he’s describing. Quite underrated in my opinion

  8. Patrick H Willems and Just Write are some really enjoyable film analysis channels

    Scott the Woz and Matt Mcmuscles are really enjoyable bingable video game analysis channels

  9. Science related: Kyle Hill(hailed as “Budget Thor”), Physics Girl, Up and Atom, Anton Petrov, Tech Ingredients, Stanford(a lot of various lectures on a range of topics), AlphaPhoenix, NightHawkInLight

    Music related: if you enjoy a lot of good stoner rock/metal then Stoned Meadow Of Doom, 666MrDoom(lot of amazing little hidden gems)
    Rock/metal then Morphy, NWOTHM(new wave of traditional heavy metal), wherepostrockdwells.

    Frog Leap Studios(Leo is a God with his rock/metal covers of a TON of different songs, I’m just gonna say his Gangsters Paridise cover is better than the original)

    If you enjoy covers of a lot of radio songs then xooos and J-Fla.

    If you like technical breakdowns and reactions: The Charismatic Voice, Key of Geebs, Emily Hopkins(harpist that tests out how it sounds with various different pedals intended for guitars/bass)

    Crafts: Pask Makes, Michael Alm, Jazza, Shurap, Hand Tool Rescue, Wild Leather Craft, Bobby Duke Arts, i did a thing, The Path Of Fire, Levsha, Clickspring

    Cars: Ken Block, Garage 54, VINwiki, Mighty Car Mods, Sarah – n- Tuned.

    I’ve got over 1000 subs on YouTube ranging all over the place lol if you like anything in particular I can get you more specific stuffs.

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