You’ve just won roughly $38,000,000 and you want to get a job to do just got fun because money doesn’t matter anymore, what’s the job?

You’ve just won roughly $38,000,000 and you want to get a job to do just got fun because money doesn’t matter anymore, what’s the job?

What do you think?

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  1. I will have a nice little workshop, where I operate a non-profit organization, building birdhouses/nesting boxes, to be installed all over Ontario, Canada, and the United States.

  2. I’d probably just keep doing what I’m doing now, I like it well enough and service techs are hard to find since so few people want to work a skilled trade. I’d just pay coworkers well to take my on-call weeks so I won’t have to be on-call anymore. Or maybe I would start my own company and make it one of those 100% employee owned companies and try to shake things up in the industry.

  3. Realistically, no idea. Might be what I already do (IT stuff) or I might go back to science, one of the main reason to leave that line of work was shitty salary.

  4. A pc shop. Mostly for pc parts. They’re very fun to go to, but they’re disappearing because they’re just so much more expensive. But if you don’t need to make a profit, you can offer prices competitive with online shopping, while also offering a nice experience

  5. I would also enjoy going back to my old residential concrete job for a season. Physically difficult but mentally easy work is great for collecting thoughts or not thinking at all. Just experiencing the moment. On a nice summer day, early enough that the air is still cool and grass smell is sweet from a recent cutting, you find the right weighted sledge hammer and fall into the rhythm of the swing as you demo some old work. Deoending on where you are in the job, the same result can be found with wheelbarrowing concrete or hand mixing large amounts of stucco.

    You have just enough strain that your body experiences the effort it was made to handle as it goes through the repetetive motions of the work. And while your body is occupied, your mind is free.

    Sitting at my desk job, i really miss the days of arriving at job site and being able to turn my brain off for 8-10 hours. My favorite was in college. Every other day was all classes, heavy thinking work but physically easy. Then the next day i had my concrete shift to think about the classes or the book i was reading or my life or not think at all.

    It felt the most balanced way of life i ever had.

  6. I would want to try so many different things…animal rescue, kindergarten teacher, archaeologist, museum docent, sheep herder, sculptor….I could just keep going.

  7. Philanthropist

    Travel around looking for small organizations that need help. Scouts selling stuff in front of a store – drop them a few thousand. Avoid anything political, unless maybe it’s a third party

  8. I’d spend all day complaining to the HOA about violations. Also consuming services then complaining and leaving one-star reviews on Yelp / DoorDash/ Amazon / whatever.

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