Real email I received 💀

I look at you via ur web camera and I’m getting to feel disgusting because of your passion for jerk.

When an individual is alone with him-/herself, the real essence of him or her shows up, and normally it’s truly filthy, I am sure of it, cuz I regularly watch humans when they have no idea about it.

Periodically everyone masturbate, but practicing it so often as you do is too much.

It is rare that someone can that simply access a webcam and shoot a video clip, but in ur situation it turned out to be very easy.

I am not a psychologist, I do other things, that is why I will recommend you to better control ur device and its security.

If I do not get my money, in seventy-two hours ur contacts will see the video I filmed.

Don’t attempt to make agreements with me, and I hope there is nothing to interpret, and it is no use to text me, I wait.

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