[Serious] What is the creepiest or most unexplainable thing that’s ever happened to you ?

[Serious] What is the creepiest or most unexplainable thing that’s ever happened to you ?

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  1. Lived in a really old house and we used to see the “caretaker” walk around. My dog would follow him around like there was a real person. She’d walk into the front door dumbfounded that it wasn’t open. Me and my brother home alone would hear cabinets slam open/shut. Every piece of that house has a distinct noise. You could tell where somebody was by the creaks and sounds. My step dad would nail a window shut and multiple days it would be open when got home from work. 10-30 dead black birds In the attic that you could never get rid of.

  2. Fought a demon or something in a dream once.

    It scratched me down my right arm leaving a huge gash and after I killed it I woke up in a cold sweat and my arm felt like it had been cut and I even shown my flashlight on it and nothing was there.

  3. Woke up. It was 5:53. Go downstairs. Started the coffee machine. Looked out the window. Bright light. Getting brighter. Can’t move. Flash of pain.

    Woke up in bed again. Wow, that was a weird dream. Hey, it’s 5:53 again. That’s too funny. What a dream! Go downstairs. COFFEE WAS ALREADY BREWED AND STEAMING. That’s when I lost it.

  4. When I was a child there was a week where I had really bad headaches. I would get checked out of school and be sent to my grandma’s house, where I’d wind up falling asleep. Every day of that week I’d wake up because of a feeling of my skin being pulled on my stomach. I’d check my stomach and could see that my right side was fine, but on my left side you could distinctly see my ribs. It was like my skin was being wound tight on one side, and it didn’t feel very nice. After about a week, it stopped just as abruptly as it started.

  5. There was this week when I was like 5 or so where every night around 8PM, my
    vision would go red and there would be all this visceral imagery and
    weird freakish noises. This would go on for what felt like hours before I
    woke up in bed with no idea how I got there.

  6. Me and my sister saw a shadow of Santa’s sleigh flying in our room from our window, and we heard bells too. It definitely was real because we both saw and heard it. Nobody believes us either. Completely unexplainable. Btw our neighbours didn’t have chirstmas decorations or anything like that (when we tell ppl they think it’s that)

  7. I once saw a can move on it’s own on a flat surface. I was at the moment staring right at it.
    It was on clean, dry kitchen countertop. Tried to replicate what I had just seen, but just couldn’t find any logical explanation how it happened. I suspected some kind of friction related thing like Leidenfrost effect, but I just could repeat what I had just seen.
    And any construction work would have moved everything else too, but no, just this one can. It creeped the heck out of me, but I still believe there has to be a natural explation for it, I just wasn’t smart enough to figure it out.
    Never saw anything like that happen again.

  8. I had just started my new meds as a teen and a few weeks in I kept waking up at 4 in the morning and getting ready for school like nothing was out of the ordinary ( I lived a 10 min walk away from school.) and then I (all dressed with my shoes on) would sit down and pass out on the couch until my 8;30 am alarm on my phone would go off.

    When I was lucid, I would be fully ready for school and it would always confuse me until I got a sleep recording app and a go pro and recorded myself literally doing this. Truly a weird beginning to meds that saved my life honestly. This stop after a couple months.

  9. I have had some weird dreams…

    Once, I dreamt that my mom (died 15 years ago) was in my grandmother’s kitchen. When my grandma walked in and saw my mom she looked at me and said “she’s dead she shouldn’t be here.” I called my aunt and uncle to tell them about my dream and find out when they were going back to see grandma. They booked their return tickets that day and grandma died a week later.

  10. I was studying at my kitchen table and one by one the spices in the spice rack lifted out and fell onto the stove. I heard the first one, looked up and then watched 2 more come out. I’ve never ran so fast. My entire family was down the street at my grandmother’s and I ran out of our house barefoot and crying with fear. My parents still live in that house and this is only the most extreme thing thats ever happened to me there. Lots of little things like doors opening and clapping go on often. We kind of just learned to live with it. I mouth off when I visit now because if it could hurt me it would have a long time ago.

  11. I’ve always had this weird memory of being in bed at the first house I ever lived in, there was some lady wearing clothes from around the time the house was built, it was built into the 18-1900s. She was wearing some big dress and a fancy hat with a bow or a flower, I couldn’t tell because it was dark. I couldn’t make out any distinguishing features on their face, not because of the dark ess but because I couldn’t see it, it was like a blind spot in my vision. About a year ago I told my mum about the memory and she said that when I was young 2-4ish I used to tell her that someone in a big dress and a fancy hat was in my room, so that told me that whatever it was actually happened and it wasn’t just some weird fabricated memory. Another thing that tells me it was real is that at that age, I had no idea people used to dress differently in the past, so I wouldn’t have known those types of clothes existed. That house was super weird, lightbulbs would randomly shatter or burn out, even though we had had 2 electricians come and look at the wiring. On a slightly more terrifying note, I used to have this Elmo jack in the box toy, and it would go off randomly at night, it shouldn’t have been able to do that because it couldn’t do anything unless the crank was being turned, and when Elmo popped out of it he would laugh, so imagine hearing laughter coming from an empty room, in an old af house, at 2am. My parents took the batteries out of it to make it stop, but somehow it still apparently went off, just slower and weirder sounding. So after about 2 nights of hearing random demonic laughter at 2am my parents chucked the toy in the bin.
    About 90% of what I’ve written here was told to me by my parents because I was too young to remember most of it, all I really remember was that person standing at the end of my bed.

  12. We were driving down a 55 mph stretch of road and off the distance where a field and forest met there was a massive bird flying in the air. Triple the size, width, length of an eagle- and this was at a great distance. My mother and I both saw it and awkwardly freaked out in the moment- knowing nobody would believe us if we said something. It finally came out 10-20 seconds after we saw it. Nobody else in vehicle believed us

  13. I was almost abducted when I was 13. I was walking home at night and a car stopped next to me saying “here kitty kitty” trying to get me to “help them look for their cat.” It was two dudes about 30 years old, and I could tell right away what they were trying to do. I got out of it by pretending the house I was next to was my house, and walked right up to that door.

  14. My son when he was around 2 used to talk about “night night ghost.”

    It was a ghost who used to hang out with him at night.

    My son didn’t talk about him much (he did use male pronouns though).

    Anyway, one night I hear giggling coming from his room. Odd, because unlike his older sister the boy was a good sleeper – rarely got out of bed once we put him down.

    So I look into his room and he’s standing in the middle of his room slowly turning in a circle.

    “What are you doing, bud?”

    “I’m dancing with night night ghost.”

    “Ok. Tell night night ghost it’s time for bed.”

    I slowly back out of the room. He never mentioned night night ghost again.

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