[Serious] What is the point of being alive?

[Serious] What is the point of being alive?

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  1. Nothing matters so do whatever the f you want. A lot of people look at the “no meaning of life” and see it as something negative but it only means that the only thing holding you back is your own mind. It gives you freedom. Anything can be worth whatever you decide because it’s all in your head.

  2. To discover things that entertain, inspire, awe, and motivate you

    To build attachments with others, to connect, to sympathize, to love, and understand

    To enrichen oneself in knowledge, trivia, experiences, and memories

    To seek satisfaction from your actions, and believe that the world you give to those that will succeed us will be greater than the one we had

  3. After looking at life and how it forms and thinking about it for a long fucking time the only “mass directive” that i’ve seen all life have is this:

    To continue. Thats it. Propagation and continuance.

  4. Being alive. Human instinct makes you survive till you give up. The experience of life probably gives you purpose after you give up at some point. It’s what you believe your purpose is. We are created to be alive and live. Some are fortunate with choices and many have fewer choices to no choice at all. Until that certain point a chance will arise where you can choose if you want to be Alive.

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